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September 23, 2018

Greetings! Kumi at JEEMC Umeda Branch, outcall massage Osaka

Umeda Kumi 20180613.jpg

Kumi: 29 years old, F cup!!

23 Sun 19:00-2:00
24 Mon –
25 Tue 20:00-2:00
26 Wed 20:00-2:00
27 Thur 20:00-2:00
28 Fri 20:00-5:00
29 Sat 20:00-5:00

Umeda Kumi 20180923 Tits.jpgUmeda Kumi 201080923 Butt.jpgのサムネール画像Umeda Kumi 20180923 Face.jpg

I wonder what everyone is doing on weekends.
I personally prefer cuddling and playing in a bed all weekend. 
It makes me happy.
I wanna spend time with you doing all this and that.

I’m working 19:00-5:00 today.
I’ll be waiting for your call at the outcall massage Osaka.

Love You All
Thanks for all the appointments.
Let’s enjoy together. Yes, enjoy. Yes, Together.
Are you ready?!

I Wanna Do It Together
On a rainy day, I want to lose up your knots in a room. 
I wanna do this and that with you…

Your Kumi


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