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April 19, 2015

Erotic massage in North Osaka


umeda_ai.jpgUmeda: Ai



Everyone likes it for sure.

Sex drive is one of human three major desires like appetite or desire for sleep. Besides, massage feels good. Erotic massage unites those nice things, so of course we like it.


Escort business did not have such a service before, but it turned out very common nowadays.

Is this the flow of time? Did Japanese men lose interests in active sex? No, I think many Japanese men wanted this long time ago, too. I think they just didn’t tell.


They are forced to be strong men in front of women in the mood “Men should be like this!”

Men in this time become honest. The society changed, so they can say in public that it is fine also men feel good.


Thinking of that, I respect the man familiarized erotic massage with escort business.

How many men did this service helped?


Because there were many men wanted to be feel good and many women wanted to make men feel good, it has come so common.

At least, I am one of them.


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