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November 5, 2018

Where can I get an erotic massage in Tokyo Ueno area?


Ueno Ryo 20111105.jpg

Ueno is known as a prominent tourist spot in which a zoo, museums, shopping streets, and famous

Shinobazu pond are located, where the number of students, foreign tourists are visiting. The
place is crowded with many business men in night time.

Where can I get an erotic massage in there? There are many so-called Fuzoku service in
Ueno. After you spend times in bars and restaurants on the Nakamachi Street or Kasuga Street
until in the morning, many Fuzoku services close their business until then. When you want to
get an excitement after your nightlife at the Fuzoku services, you probably do not want to wait
for two or three hours. You rather want to have a girl NOW, don’t you?


Ueno Shizuka Blob 03 20111105.jpgUeno Shizuka Blog 02 20181105.jpgUeno Ryo 20181105 02.jpg


Where can I get an erotic massage in
Tokyo? In a case you want to have a service at Fuzoku

after your drinking time, you look for the one which opens until in the morning. The Japan
Escort Erotic Massage Club at Ueno Branch opens the service until 5 a.m.

If you make a reservation from the other area, you will wait at least 40 minutes to 50 minutes,
plus there are only a few girls available, so the waiting time tend to get longer in the early morning.
Since the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club at Ueno Branch sends girls from the Ueno area,
the arriving time will be probably within 15 minutes after your reservation is confirmed,
as far as you are located in the same area.


Ueno Misaki 20111105.jpg

Are there any love hotels or short-stay hotels in Ueno?

Yes, there are love hotel streets near the busy street area in Ueno. You can get easily access
to the place from Yushima station of Tokyo Metro subway. If you come by a vehicle or by a taxi,
it is located near Tenjin-Shita crossroad.

After you drink at bars and clubs, you probably want to be relax. The Japan Escort Erotic
Massage Club at Ueno Branch provides the best suitable service for such situations after the drink.

You are treated like a King. Please be relaxed and lay upon bed, and a girl do everything
in very intimate way. All the girls are professionally trained healer who can gives you the best
relaxing as she stimulate your sensuality. She applies the body-to-body oil massage,
and gradually move her hands towards your tentacle and bottom stomach on your sensual part
of the body. Then you will have your happy ending with her intimate hand job. So where can
I get an erotic massage? You shall have both relaxing massage and stimulating hand job at the same time.



Ueno Ririka 20181105 Blog.jpgUeno Ririka 20181105 Blog 02.jpg



Those business people who sit in front of computer screen for hours are highly recommended
our erotic massage. The intimate oil massage gives you a good effect on blood circulation of
your legs, hip, and body. Plus the girl will lick your upper body and gives you her face-sitting
as you receive sensual pleasure and sexual stimulation towards the climax of happy ending.

In this area, there are many shops where foreign women who are pretending Japanese
provide services. But our services send a girl who is the same one you can see in the photos
on our websites. Please enjoy our body-to-body erotic massage service provided by Japanese
women and their fine skin.



Ueno Hina 20181105.jpg

In the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club at Ueno Branch, the girls are mostly in the age between

early 20s and early 30s, most of whom you find the grace of femininity. If you want to choose
specific girl, please tell us your request or even tell us your favorite types of girls’ character.
For example, slim body, big boobies, big tits, and so on. The staff will kindly assist you to suit
your best needs.

So where can I get an erotic massage in Tokyo?

Yes, please contact the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club Tokyo Ueno Branch!

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club
Tel. 06 6212 1950
International: +81 6 6212 1950
[Skype] japanescortmassageclub

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