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January 26, 2017



■Hello everyone!
 What do you think of so called Happy Ending Massage??

You could watch a lot of picture and movies of Massage end with sexual contact by hand
job and blow job and also sex in the end on the internet.
Yes, those are the Happy Ending Massage about in your mind and you could have
experienced the same service in your country or somewhere Asian country.
But you have not known what is The Real Happy Ending Massage!!
And you should experience what we think The Real Happy Ending exist in Japan.

■Japan has been famous for FUZOKU in the world

As you Know, Japan has been famous for FUZOKU in the world. Many foreign guys come to
Japan to get the experience with Japanese girls. And the type of erotic service in Japan is
vary, and MASSAGE is one of the most popular erotic service along with DELIVERY HEALTH,
FASHION HEALTH. You can get a wonderful Happy Ending Massage leaded by Japanese
escort girl.

■What we think real Happy Ending Massage

You don't need to do anything, just always be in a passive position.
First our girl will give you great massage to make you feel so comfortable.
During the massage, they also use the original oil made in Japan.
That's flavor make you really relax mood. Besides, the girl will be always closely attached
your body. Thus our girls warm skin and massage and good flavor oil make you ready to
reach the Happy ending. Finally our girl will give you special hand job on your private parts
and lead you to wonderful ejaculation.


■Get quite erotic feeling with Face sitting!

As you have to be completely passive position during the massage, you might impatiently
feel like "honestly I really want touch her".
Then, you will be sexually exited with girls Face sitting wearing G-string.
You could get Eros visually from her butt, and also olfactory from her smell.
These stuff will make your sexual voltage raise away.
And you could also get experience of testicle massage, lymphatic massage,
testicle massage etc. These techniques are get your erotic feeling raise up to the limit.
That means your ejaculation will become a literally "Ecstasy".
Besides the Japanese girl's attitude of so called OMOTENASHI will lead you to
physically and mentally and sexually relax. Massage with all these stuff,
this is what we think Real Happy Ending Massage. Hope you get our service.


■Finally you get the real Happy Ending Massage!!

After your sexual voltage come up to the top, the girl will give you special hand job with
warm lotion.
his is the best moment you have not experienced ever before.
The amount of the sperm would be twice.
You don't need to worry about STD because it's they are using and covered warm lotion.
Their body will be always attached closely to you and you will be getting wonderful

■Please do not worry about it!

But you might have had experience of the problem regarding language.
If you do not speak Japanese, if agency doesn't speak English or your country's language,
we believe it should be difficult to make a reservation. Actually there is few FUZOKU
agency that allow foreign customer in Japan. This is the current state of FUZOKU industry.
It's really bad if you couldn't get Happy Ending Massage although you finally come to


Please do not worry about it! Our staff all speak English!! We will give you all the
explanation about our service, location, price! You just rely on us to make a booking.

■Freely Call us please!

What did you think about the real Happy Ending. If you have an opportunity to come to
Japan in near future, we strongly recommend to have an experience. Moreover, it is
also good to come to Japan only with the purpose of getting Happy Ending Massage.
The real Happy Ending Massage you have never experienced will be waiting for you.

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