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September 24, 2018

How to Find a Good Escort Massage Tokyo

If you want a well graded escort massage in Tokyo, read this trough 

for the tips and hints.



Shinjuku Suzu 20180925.jpg

There are many escort massage companies
and various services in Tokyo.
If you already have a specific girl on mind or have a favorite service 

details, you don’t need to wonder around.  If you are the first timer
or want to explore, it is pretty challenging to find a suitable one since
there are so many options on the escort massage Tokyo.

Not only that there are many companies, there are many different services
and girls, and you might have to find the location of the shop or a love hotel

Here, I introduce you the way to go about in Shinjuku and Shinookubo area.

* Good Spot and Bad Spot

Shinjuku Kabuki-cho has an atmosphere of underground culture. There
are many different types of people and kind of shops you can’t really
tell what they are about.

There are many escort massage service spots that have good reputations and bad ones
as well.





Shinjuku Hibiki 20180925.jpgShinjuku Meguri 20180926.jpgShinjuku Narumi 20180925.jpg


Fake Pictures and Images:
Girls delivery services don’t have a shop that you can walk in.  You’d
check their web site and order a girl to the hotel you are staying or meet her
at a love hotel.

There are many cases that the girl who show up looks completely different
from what you picked from the pictures on their web site because they can
adjust or fix the pictures.  Most common fixations are size of eyes, size of tits, 
and slenderness. 






Shinjuku Maria pic 20180924.jpg

Shinjuku Hibiki pic 20180719.jpg

I’ve seen one that a company uses a picture of a girl from a different
company. One of my friend has ordered a white Russian lady, but the one
who showed up was a dark skin Pilipino girl. Not only that, she wasn’t
even cute!  When I went to Sapporo, I walked in an erotic service lounge.
The picture panel they were using was from a Tokyo shop one and I pointed
it out then the manager said, “One a good day, the girls look like the pictures
on the panel.” Yeah, this kind of things really happens.

Shinjuku Nana pic 20180924.jpg

Lose On Time:
Many delivery services tell you that the girls can come to your hotel right
away. A lot of times, they won’t show up for at least half hour.  You’d
call the service to see how long more you’d have to wait, then they’ll
tell you in a minute. The reality is, you’d end up with waiting for another
half hour or more for the girl to arrive.  They just don’t tell you the exact
time on purpose.  Soon, in a minute, on the way, are common terms
used.  If you cancel then, they come to your hotel or home and keep banging
on the door to the point you can’t ignore them.  Yes, it really happens
for real.

The above are bad examples which will make you not wanna try another spot.

I’ll tell you how to avoid such services.

How To Select A Promised Service on the escort massage Tokyo:

Pick escort massage companies which they have many blanches all over Japan. There are
reasons why they could expand and run the business so well.

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club is one of the top and most promised
service in Japan.  Our ladies are all beautiful and well trained to give
sensural and high quality erotic massage. We have a high reputations
and many repeaters.

We have certain policies such as no fixation or adjustment of pictures,
and strict and honest about girls’ availability and time of arrival, all actions are
legal, we train all the girls to full fill your satisfactions, and so on.

You can check our website, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club and see it
yourself on the best escort massage Tokyo.

Feel free to contact us for farther information and reservations.

Don’t miss our nightlife spots in Japan:
For reservation and Inquiries, please call us!
Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club
Tel. 06 6212 1950
International: +81 6 6212 1950
[Skype] japanescortmassageclub

Don’t miss our nightlife spots on the escort massage Tokyo:

For reservation and Inquiries, please call us!

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Shinjuku Branch

Tel. 06 6212 1950

International: +81 6 6212 1950

[Skype] japanescortmassageclub

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