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April 26, 2020

The Therapists in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Is a Lover of Erotic Massage

Ikebukuro Ichikablog 20200426i.jpg Ikebukuro Ichikablog 20200426e.jpg

Stay in the Love Hotel. Once in a secret dark room as baptized by growing fluorescent lights in the midtown Tokyo, Shinjuku, the sensual massage by Japan Escort Erotic Girls helps to evoke the compelling presence, which is sensual and commanding, dynamic and embracing. The love actors in a room establish a flavor of private entertainment.

The escort erotic massage are not absolute elements of performance, but, rather, indications of what has happened, or what might happen, how are performing. Particular section of piece has felt on how it might feel.

Ikebukuro Ichikablog 20200426d.jpg Ikebukuro Ichikablog 20200426a.jpg

The night girl looks as intently at her spectator. This mutuality, this spectacle of self-consciousness is a game that loves play, whether she knows it or not, not to expand both of their erotic faculties. The lover's behavior and identities are mutual and complex. She cannot confine them to a sexual relationship, for within that constraint the erotic faculties wither. The girl, a specialist of Love, with a client, an actor with a spectator, a performer and an interactors: these are erotic relationship. The girl from Japan Escort Ereotic Massage Club in Shinjuku is a Lover.

That Red That Speaks Discipline of Erotic Practice

Ikebukuro Ichika 20200426b.jpg

Ms. Ichika (27) T152 B84(C) W58 H86

Love that red, the name, I think of a lipstick color.
Love that red, of own lips, dressed not in metaphors of berries in flowers, but in a blast of color that speaks belief in a vibrant voice.

Ichika embodies such feminine passion and Eros, affirmative self born and grown up in the island of the Far East Asia, JAPAN.

The red mouth has been a metaphor for fruits, female tissues, and for women's participation in blood mysteries. She lines and color her mouth to exert to autoerotic faculty.

A blossom in your eyes, Have gotten erotic eyes, Erotic I, where the woman lusts her words in affirmations, and practices erotic faculties in both physic and psych.

Exquisitely crafted technique and wonder to get her touch!

Ikebukuro Nonoka20200426c.jpg

Ms. Nonoka (20) T153 B83(D) W56 H81

We are talking about erotic pleasure, because you are looking at an expert authentic Japanese culture of hospitality. This is 20-year-old, Nonoka, in her ever professional service. She is cute, petite and flawless like a porcelain doll; an absolute stunner that will take your breath away.

With natural eyes for beauty and tranquility, her gesture of erotic plays keep fueling to the flame of her passion on bed. She is inspired by the sensural massage technique. And she knows how to get a good exploration on you.

Ikebukuro Nonoka blob 20200328d.jpg Ikebukuro Nonoka blob 20200328e.jpg

Let's be honest! How could anyone say no? However, Nonoka is an oasis of calm with a peaceful soul in a hectic world. Smart and witty beyond her exercises, this is a girl who likes to absorb and then reflect of your erotic pleasure. By this measure, she's always welcome to the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club in Shinjuku.

COVOD-19 Issue

06 After meeting.png

During the State of Emergency people do not go out of home due to the social distancing. You can use our service by calling the lady to come to your private room. We will appreciate, if you consider our services as your part of the private entertainment.

Aim Zero Infection!

We are responsible for the following implementations:

  • Take temperature before work
  • Make sanitizer available all the time
  • Bring Mouthwash
  • Wear a facemask when meet
  • No littering and bring the trash bag back to the work place

We want to assure you that keeping your health and safety is our highest priority and continue our consistent illness prevention and protection. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) we temporarily change the open hours as following: Temporary business hours from April 5, 2020 Calling Center: From 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Last call) We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Ikebukuro Ichikablog 20200426j.png

Thank you.

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