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August 26, 2015

Have a break in erotic massage in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

It was hot every day... That lasting horrible heat... It was too hot to stay sane.

I am a salesman going out. Super body strength is a death measure for a death situation, but it is hard to catch up with this heat. My senior worker told me a relaxation. He is an excellent worker. See. His relaxation is not ordinary. He use a massage escort club instead if a coffee shop. LoL



Yes, a sexual industry offering erotic massage. Taking a nice shower, receiving a healing massage, and solving dirty desire. It’s a perfect break.



In fact, Chiyoda-ku of Tokyo has many hotels and massage parlors. Hard workers need erotic massage. If we go to our clients showing tired face in this heat, our negotiation will not go well. I think a fresh salesman is more reliable.


So, I am going to erotic massage in Chiyoda-ku for a cool break from now.




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