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April 13, 2020

The Challenge Still Continues

Shibuya Ryoko 20200301.jpg

Thank you always for your support.
Our common challenge is still going on. We are under the global consequence of coronavirus effect. For those who stay in a room shear the same feeling of lenley.

The time is the mid-Spring, 2020. In the east of the Far-East island, JAPAN, the spring rain washes pink petals of Sakura down upon rodas, where we are.

Nightlife is getting simple: all public events shut down. Such private entertainment like us is a candle to warm up a small number of people. Life never shuts down, and will keep going on. If you have a sense of feeling about situation being alone, come to meet a girl who offers private event only for you. We wait, and will wait for you.

Shibuya Mahiru blog 20200301b.jpg Shibuya Mahiru blog 20200301.jpg

We want to assure you that keeping your health and safety is our highest priority and continue our consistent coronavirus prevention and protection.

When our lady comes to serve you, they may ask you to disinfect your hands and gargle using the mouth wash provided. The lady also does the same with you. This is to prevent spreading the virus any farther. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Here is the last call for the 3-million-client Anniversary Campaign. We, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Kobe are overwhelmed with gratitude for your continuous support. Thanks all for visiting our website and we are so proud to announce that the campaign continues upto the last day of April as follow:
5,000 Yen up to 8,000 Yen discount from Kobe branch by just shouting "Thanks Kaihun!"

#some conditions may apply
#5,000 Yen off for the first timers!
#Shout "Thanks Kaishun!" to GET IT!
#Applied for a 75-min-session or longer
#Plus another 3,000 YEN OFF again for the second time before 4/30

Hope you will get the last chance of the big campaign during your stay in Japan.

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