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December 28, 2016

Absolutely "feeling" NURU massage is much more fun than just watching it!!

What makes Nuru massage so attractive!


Recently the word "Nuru massage" is well known as one of sex play you can watch on the
Men will just lay down on the bed, and ladies escort men starting from oil massage to the
sexual intercourse.

Why do you think this is so popular now?
Supermajority of people reported that they can see "King experience" thing as their
bodies are healed by oil massage with sexy lady,
and it's also so fun to see girls seducing men that way.

There are so many Nuru massage sexual video on the internet. Since you watch it, you
must want it in your real life for sure! That's why NURU massage is not only watching
but also absolutely your MUST TRY play.

However it only exist in your head, and can't bring it to your reality.


As it mentioned earlier, NURU massage is popular and amazing play these days, but it's
kind of hard thing to do in your reality life because not many girls have experience in
these type of sex.

And you will need a place where you can mess up your place with oil. You will definitely
don't want to mess up your bed with oil.
So it's too much work to get ready for NURU massage, do it, and also clean up all the

So in Japanese Fuzoku made new service which you can have NURU massage without any
problems mentioned above.
It means girls are professional in NURU massage,
very high skills, and they know how to do it without messing up your personal place.

Therefore, the girl will take care of you everything.

Japanese style Nuru massage is bit different from that of others
countries, that's why it is popular and special!

First off, unfortunately providing sex in Japan is illegal.
It may sound not attractive for you. But think about it!

Because it's not allowed to sell and buy sex here, people discovered new type of NURU

And recently it caught so much attention from people.

Let me tell you what makes Japanese NURU massage special.
One of biggest reason is Japanese ladies are extremely kind and have gentle hands.

Moreover a lot of people say Japanese ladies have soft and smooth skin as well. Also
they are caring, warm heart, and always gives you the biggest smile.

So pretty much Japanese NURU massage isn't just for ejaculating. It has much more
deeper fun and lots of rich moments.

Many things you should try from our Nuru massage


As it's mentioned in title, we have many options for FREE.

We don't ask you any extra charge for these options just because we want you to be
satisfied with our service and have unforgettable moments!

Some shops may have really cheaper rates than ours, but more options you add,
more expensive it gets.

In addition, it's not only the price, but also their skills. In our shop,
we have professional trainer, and she teaches everything including oil massage and
also addictive hand job as well.

Therefore our girls have high standard of girls' level compared to the other shops.
Also it's up to you where you want our service. Your choice will be hotel you are
already staying, your private place such as renting apartment, or rendezvous course.

We grantee all Japanese ladies! Their great appearance and characters will brings your sleeping manliness out!


Sometimes when you think you ordered Japanese girl to your hotel or your private place,
but non-Japanese girl show up.

Just because they are from different asian countries, doesn't mean they can scam you
like that.

We know how Japanese girls are different from others, and how better they are than
others. We know these, and that's why we only hire pure Japanese girls only.

In addition to it, we set strict bar when it comes to girls hiring interview.
We focused on their appearance and of course personality.

So we have so many variety of ladies! Tell us what kind of lady you like, and we will
arrange you the best experience!

Please try and feel with your body  "Japanese NURU massage!"

For more rates and system INFO click here to check our English webpage!

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