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April 3, 2016

You have to Experience the Heavenly Hand Job they have in Sendai

The other day I was lucky enough to experience my first massage during a business trip to Sendai.

That day I had to attend a meeting for the company in Sendai that my company was courting, and knowing how those things went, I decided to book a hotel in the area because I knew I would end up drunk.

And just as I thought, I was.  Somehow the drunkenness brought of all the stress and fatigue I had been suppressing and I felt that if I didn’t get immediate release, I was going to keel over.

Half realizing what I was doing, I used my phone to find a sex massage place on the internet and made arrangements right then and there.

Having mostly forgotten what I had gotten up to, I was more than pleased to find the most beautiful woman arrive at my hotel room.  Eroticism seemed to follow her in as she walked through the door.

As she began to massage my body with her special oils, I could feel a sense of peace spread over me.

Of course it helped that this Sendai beauty had her almost completely naked body pressed up against me at the time.  The uniform for the masseuse’s is only a tiny T-back panty- nothing else!

I could feel my cock swelling with every stroke of her hand on my body, and every time those pert nipples of her pressed against me I felt she was here to take me to heaven.

And when she had me roll over and I could clearly look upon her beautiful, naked flesh, it really was almost too much for me.  My already engorged cock felt like it grew 3 sizes!

She did a great job of playing with my balls and teasing my cock with slippery oils until I blew my load all over her soft hands thanks to her mind-bending hand job!

I can’t believe how much I came.  I really covered her all over!  So much came out that I thought I may never be able to use my balls again.

I awoke with such a sense of refreshment and well-being that I’m making this service a part of my regular routine every time I come back to Sendai.


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