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October 22, 2019

Adult Erotic Massage Recommend What to Eat in Sendai


Sendai Yuki 20191022.jpg

Sendai has many delicious food. However, it is not as popular and famous as other foods in other places. Adult erotic massage would like to share some of the Sendai food here in this article.


 Sendai Beef

 It is not possible to introduce Sendai without Sendai Beef. The characteristic of Sendai beef is its high quality. The standard that can be called a Sendai beef at a hotel in Tokyo is only A5 and A4 ranks of Japanese black beef, so it can be called carefully selected beef.

The balance between the sweetness of fat and the deliciousness of red meat is outstanding! If you want to eat such a delicious Sendai beef, please go to “Sendai beef specialty store Ushimasa”, a 10-minute walk from Sendai Station. You can enjoy carefully selected top quality Sendai beef! It is worth a go! Please bring it to the adult erotic massage girlsas suvenior.


Sendai Yuki blog 20191022a.jpg Sendai Yuki blog 20191022c.jpg


 Eel kamaboko

 It is said that in the days when refrigeration facilities were not in place, fresh seafood did not last for a long time, so when it was caught in large quantities, it was often troubled with the processing method. The food that was born at that time is this “Kamabako”. Tsuji kamaboko is a gourmet made from ground fish. Unlike raw fish, it has a long shelf life!

It is said that this name was given because the shape is similar to bamboo leaves. If you want to eat such a rice cake, please go to "Abe Coffee Store S-PAL Sendai Store" in S-PAL Sendai directly connected to Sendai. Convenient because it is close to the station!



 Sendai gourmet is called “Zunda mochi”. Zunda mochi is a traditional gourmet that has been popular in Sendai since ancient times. It is made by grinding green soybeans and entwining them in a bowl. If you have such a “Zunda-don”, “Zunda Chaya” is recommended. There are many stores in Miyazaki, and it's nice to be on the way to sightseeing because it's in the Sendai Station building!

Here you can get Zunda mochi as well as Zunda shakes, Zunda roll cakes, and Zunda wharf. Zunda is a local gourmet restaurant in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, so be sure to try a delicious bowl here!

These are three things adult erotic massage would like to share. You can try embrace the local with these foods.

Our adult erotic massage ladies are always happy to give you more tips about Sendai. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Sendai Branch.




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