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February 23, 2020

Places to Visit in Northern Japan & Sapporo

Sapporo Yui 20181221.jpg

Aomori Nebuta Festival Aomori Nebuta Festival is one of the largest and most famous festivals in Japan.

Also, be sure to check out the “Nebuta Marine Service and Fireworks Festival” that will decorate the finale of the Aomori Nebuta Festival. About 11,000 fireworks are launched while six Nebuta are running on the sea. Aomori's summer tradition, which can only be seen at this time, will surely be an unforgettable summer memory.

Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo Escort massage girls love this place. The Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo, one of the most popular zoos in Japan, allows you to observe animals from various angles. Therefore, it is famous as a popular zoo not only in Japan but also worldwide. In particular, the underwater tunnel inside the Penguin Pavilion allows you to see penguins swimming dynamically.

There are plenty of other sights to see, such as eating polar bear food, and the Red Panda Suspension Bridge gives you a glimpse of the original life of the cute little red panda, which is originally arboreal. This is a must-see spot for tourists who want to visit Hokkaido by all means when visiting Japan.

Sapporo Hazuki blog 20181210.jpg Sapporo Hazuki blog 20181211.jpg

Namahage Museum Namahage is a famous Akita specialty that has been designated as an important intangible folk cultural property of the country. "I like lazy people. I like crying children." One such sightseeing spot is Namahagekan in Oga City, Akita Prefecture.

At the "Namahage Museum" you can not only see the exhibits of Namahage, but also wear real costumes and transform into Namahage. Let's take a commemorative photo and get home. In addition, you can see a demonstration of making a Namahage mask by a Namahage sculptor, and let's experience the ethnic events transmitted to Oga City to the fullest.

These three places are for you to explore. Please let escort massage girls here in Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Sapporo for you.



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