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June 16, 2020

That Red That Speaks Discipline of the Erotic Massage

Osaka Maiko 20200312b.jpg

Erotic Hospitality in Osaka

Love that red, the name, think of a lipstick color. Love that red, of own lips, dressed not in metaphors of berries in flowers, but in a blast of color that speaks belief in a vibrant voice.

Ms. Maino (28) T160 B85 (D) W58 H86

from Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Osaka Branch

The red mouth has been a metaphor for fruits, female tissues, and for women's participation in blood mysteries. She lines and color her mouth to exert to autoerotic faculty.
With fire in her heart and seduction in her eyes, Maino likes to feel the heat of another body close to hers and to move in perfect harmony at her erotic massage.
Born into a small island in the Far East, JAPAN, Maino grew up with style in her blood. Look at her pure tranquil eyes, and feel her ivory skin. It is surely unclothed where Maino really shines. With stunning physical proportions and classical features, she must be the envy of most women. Despite her sexy brooding looks, she is a warm and bubbly soul, a real pleasure to be around.

Osaka Maiko 20200312j.jpgOsaka Maiko 20200312e.jpg
Osaka Maino blog 20200616.jpgOsaka Maino 20200616b.jpg

While Maino believes in empowering women, she's also comfortable with traditional roles. She loves to be feminine. And she likes a confident man by her side. Maino embodies such feminine passion and Eros, affirmative self born and grown up in the island of the Far East Asia, JAPAN.
But let's forget about words for a moment. Just let her pure sensuality gently seduce you as she practices the perfect erotic massage.

Osaka Maino 20200616a.jpg
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