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September 19, 2019

Kaishun Massage Tells You How to Enjoy a Day-off in Nagoya

I would like to share an itinerary with busy people like you for a half-day off in Nagoya. Salarymen or students, of course, need to work hard weekday but on the weekend, you probably want to cut loose and enjoy yourself. To do so, embrace the local culture and eat local foods. This is what Kaishun massage recommends you do in Nagoya with your very limited time.


20190919 Nagoya blog a.jpg


Miso katsu-Japanese fermented soybean paste pork cutlet

Nagoya is very famous for Miso. The Miso is a dark-colored sauce made from soybeans with broth and seasonings. It is poured over pork cutlets. The miso is usually fermented for three years but it is not affected by heat or bacteria and so remains fresh. The miso katsu is definitely the food you need to eat outside. Nobody wants to ferment Miso from scratch at home. The Pork cutlet also makes your kitchen messy. Making the Miso Katsu by yourself is a pain in the neck. But this cuisine would be your boost to start your day when you eat it at a restaurant.


20190919 Nagoya blog b.jpg


Choose Nagoya Castle or Toyota Factory Tour and Museums

 For those who have one day off, you can squeeze these two places into your itinerary. But one place is good enough if you have a tight schedule.


20190919 Nagoya blog c.jpg


Nagoya Castle

 Nagoya Castle was completed in 1615 by the Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Everybody in Japan would link Nagoya to Kinshachi; Golden Tiger-Fish Roof Ornaments. It is now the symbol of Nagoya.

Since a lot of foreigners visit the historic site, the guide offers free English-speaking tours at Nagoya Castle. You can discover the colorful history of the castle in the regular tour or your private tour. The access to the area is pretty convenient with any kind of transportation. It is worth a go for history lovers.

Do you know that Kinshachi have a gender? Here is a question for you: which one of the Kinshachi is female and male. Our Kaishun massage ladies are waiting for your answer.


Toyota Factory Tour and Museums

Japan's leading car manufacturer, Toyota, has its headquarters and many of its domestic plants in Nagoya. If you are a fan of automobile, the tour of the museums is the must go. I highly recommend you check out the website to suit your needs beforehand, as some of the things can not take the walk-in. There are many kinds of museums and tours. It may be hard to choose one out of them, then choose the complimentary one. It is more than enough. The access is also very good there. If you have a day to explore Nagoya, you may want to go to both the factory tour and the museums.


20190919 Nagoya blog d.jpg


Hitsumabushi-Eel rice bowl

 HItsumabushi is a local eel dish. This is going to be your dinner. The eating procedure is very unique. You will love it. To begin with, you divide the eel dish into four portions. You put the first portion into your bowl and enjoy as it is. Then you put the second portion into the bowl with some condiments such as Wasabi, Nori, and Salt. You can enjoy the changes in tastes. Then you have the third portion in the same manner as the second portion, plus green tea or broth poured over it. Last but not least, you can enjoy the remaining portion repeating one of the three methods you liked best.

We have a date course along with our usual massage service.

Why don't you go on a date with one of our Kaishun massage ladies to eat Hitsumabushi?

This is the itinerary for busy people like you. For more information, you need to ask the locals.

Our girls are very happy to assist you at the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Nagoya.

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