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May 11, 2017

Is there any tip when we use high quality delivery health??


Nagoya city is one of most famous town for night pleasure and party among businessman and traveler.
There a lot of cheerful bar, Izakaya, and several genera of Fuzoku shops, especially the cheap Fuzoku
is popular. You could enjoy these several kind of service with lower price. But we think there should be
some problems with these Fuzoku shops.


There is always a risk of cheapness!

・The price was reasonable but the service was bad...
・The lady who was totally different lady what I had expected came up, so surprising....

Everyone has their own bad experience. You make yourself understand that it is necessary to happened
because there are a lot of kinds of shops and cheap. You justify the failure. It is really tough to select
the High-quality shop of a lot of others. That's why you select the cheap one unconsciously.

Here we have a chance to recheck the value of Fuzoku!!

Now we think it is the time to reconsider the sense of values to Fuzoku.
For example, when you are planning to stay in the Onsen Ryokan, Japanese traditional type of hotel,
you're gonna check the cheapest price on the web first.
You might check the limited plan and lower price at the first sight.
But checking it carefully, you could find some risks. For example, there is no a la carte in the course of
dinner. There always should be some tricks.

Though the cheapness makes you understand when the service even disappointed you, you might be not
satisfied with the service. As a result, Ryokan will lose the customer because of the non hospitality service.
This is the fact that she would not never come.

In opposite, the high price Ryokan has a pride of serving high quality service. They had their original
concept to all dishes and to all service.

Besides, they are always conscious about the customer. Hospitality is always in their mind, so their
consciousness of manner has been highly level!! These highly manner of service gives customer full of
satisfaction. The customer's review say "We'll come again", "If we have had one more day..." are good
feedback. We can definitely say that the higher the price, the better the service.


The higher the price, the better the service!?

This is the common even in Fuzoku industry. The higher the price, the better the service could be said
to the quality of lady and the service. Of course it's depends on the time you use, service you get.
But when you failed to choose good shop, you are gonna waste your money, you should be careful.
So, how should we be careful??

Don't be swayed by high quality!

You believe that high quality shop suppose to provide you beautiful lady and skillful service by paying
high price but actually this belief is quite dangerous. Here is my ridiculous experience that I have to
explain to you. I hope you understand.


When I was 20 years old, I went eat delicious stake. The marbled beef made my mouth overflows
with drool before having, I was just looking at it. But when I ate it, I felt something strange.
It's bad smell.
I stuck in the toilet for long time after having that. At that time, I didn't care about it much because
I didn't know how high quality beef taste.

The time passed, when I became 30 years old, I got an opportunity to go to same stake shop.
It was SO NICE I that I could not help be surprised. I was really disappointed by the fact that the
stake I had when I was 20th was rotten. I'm so regret and frustrated though it was long time ago.

I want to tell you that we should not choose the shop just considering about the price.
The most important things are the real voice of another customer and the taste of beef. Then we
could avoid bad shops.

When we take a high quality example, the lady is delicious-looking beef and the concept is taste
of beef. It is important to set plain concept to make session high quality.
We are sure that choosing the shop that has a strong concept, Taste = Concept is sure
way to get a great service.

Well, for the customer who is going to search high quality Fuzoku shop, please do not choose just
for high quality. Please make sure that the shop you are going to use has a confirmed concept,
and you will have a wonderful time with escort lady.

The strong concept make the customer satisfied!

Our shop is totally different from other shops. We have confirmed concept that is "No need to do
anything". It literally means that you don't have to do anything during the session to feel sexually
good. Our escort lady will always help you with good massage with happy ending. It is going to be
out of your expectation.


We have a branch in all over Japan and you could enjoy same quality of service wherever location and
whichever lady you choose. Our ladies are trained for all same massage education. There would never
be problem like that the first lady was good but second one was bad.

Our shop is opening from 9:00 pm to 5 am. We could send wonderful lady to your hotel and house however
bad weather it is. These only great and rare ladies will make your dream that would never come true in
cheap pink salon come true.

Please enjoy your time with escort lady as long as you could spend.

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