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September 2, 2020

Fresh and beautiful masseuse in the Nagoya erotic massage.

Iori resides in Nagoya where you can experience the historic 

and local events such as the national famous Nagoya castle, 

Nagoya dome, and its local favorite food "a Miso cutlet" 

which is based on bean miso such as Haccho Miso, 

adding a Skipjack Tuna soup, and sugar to make it an original miso sauce.

Our Grapeseed Oil is as elaborated as the miso sauce, 

and nationally available in all of our stores from west to east, 

south to north. So where to find the lewd cutlet itself? 

You already have. It's you, sir. 

You are gonna be the naughty cutlet deep-fried in 375F wanting to explode like a volcano.   

Ms Iori Age:20  T155 B85 W59 H85

She is a fresh and beautiful masseuse in the erotic massage industry. 

She has a rainbow smile, charm, 

and is affectionate for everybody that wants an outcall massage service.  

She is one of those erotic massage prodigies, 

who has silky skin that allows you an intimate sexual stimulation. 

You will be satisfied that she is very attentive 

and eager to make you happy using her sophisticated erotic massage at our outcall massage service in Nagoya. 

She comes very close to your body to stimulate your libido, 

touches you with her body and finally her ass clad in a sexy thong to your face. 

It is called “body to body oil massage” and “facesitting.” 

She is good at teasing or stimulating your sex drive in a cute way, 

and very open minded. 

Our massage includes a testicle massage and a groin massage 

that enhances your stamina, libido and brings back youth. 

All the masseuses are well trained by taking classes 

which are provided by us. 

For the beginner, if I were you I would choose “the rendezvous” 

which you come to our near hotel to meet up with a girl in a room. 

It is less 2000JPY than delivery, can start from 60 mins and 

girls would feel safe and you can build a relationship 

with the girl and JEEMC, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club. 

If you visit Nagoya, give us a call. 

I would serve you the best girl available 

that day after you finish the famous Miso Cutlet, 

then you will become Damiyo, the lord, 

in a fantastic castle with your horny Shachihoko, 

a golden fish with a tiger head, you know what I mean.

Bring back this word to your home country and scream, 

Shachihoko in da Pannntssss!!!!

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