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Nagoya Delivery Information

Delivery fee
Delivery fee FreeFree Nagoya -city
Delivery fee 1,100JPY1,100JPY Parts of Nagoya-city (Moriyama-ku, Meito-ku , Tempaku-ku , Midori-ku)
Delivery fee 2,200JPY2,200JPY

Komaki-city , Oobu-city

Delivery fee 3,300JPY3,300JPY Toukai-city , Chita-city , Seto-city , Kasugai-city , Inazawa-city , Ichinomiya-city
Delivery fee 4,400JPY4,400JPY Anjo-city Inuyama-city , Konan-city , Taahama-city , Fuso-cho , Ginan-cho (Gifu) , Kasamatsu-cho(GIfu)
Delivery fee 5,500JPY5,500JPY Okazaki-city , Taketoyo-cho , Tokoname-city , Toyoko-city , Nishio-city , Handa-city , Hekinan-city , Mihama-cho , Gifu-city(Gifu) , Hashima-city(Gifu) , Kuwana-city (Mie)
Delivery fee 6,600JPY6,600JPY Gamagoori-city , Kagamihara-coty (Gifu)
Delivery fee Other ASKOther area *ASK

*Tax Included

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