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February 10, 2017

You will get maximum sexual sensation by Japanese Massage.


【Japanese Massage....】

Hello workers! What kind of image do you have about Japanese Massage??
It basically should mean normal massage in Japan. But in the world, it should mean some erotic services.

Some might want that kind of service when you come to Japan.
You could find some movie of massage on internet provided from fully naked girl including a blow job and
hand job and finally sex.

So you should be expecting that kind of erotic service in Japan.
Please do not worry about it, Japan has that kind of erotic service. But there are some rules specialized
in Japan. First of all there are no SEX.

【Let us ask do you really need sex in Japanese Massage??】

If we first tell you our opinion, WE DO NOT.

Because it is totally opposite concept against what is Japanese Massage.
You might want to have a wonderful sex life with Japanese girl.

We know it is good enough not to need to go for another erotic service.
But you know, having a nice sex life needs "LOVE".

You could not share your love with Japanese escort girl you met few minute ago.

It is not that you do to the girl.
Japanese Massage is not the service for the sex, nor to vent your sexual desire to the girl
but the escort girl provide you the relaxing time physically and sexually.


【Then, What we offer is...!!】

We offer the Japanese massage that with full of Omotenashi to you.
Our service consists of 3 special types of massage.

Kaishn Massage, Erotic Massage and normal massage.
The erotic massage is done by the escort girl's hand job with warm oil.
The girl will be always closely attached your body and
she will give you licking on upper half on your body and face-sitting to raise your erotic feeling.
But we think "kaishun" is not so familiar to you.
Please let us explain more detail below...

POINT 1. What is Kaishun??
It is not a kitchen knives brand.
This is the word used among Fuzoku industry in Japan.

And Kaishun is just what we think Japanese Massage.
It is the special massage and hand job forcused on all of your erogenic-zone with full of hospitality
that bring you improve and recover your body's erogenic-function.

It inclueds The typical kinds of Kaishun service is prostate massage, Limpatic massage,
and testicle massage.
Putting spurs to a prostate and testicle make the balance of hormone stable, and make erotic power
increase and recover.It's even adopted for ED treatment.


POINT 2. All you need to do is just relax on the bed.
It is literally hospitality service, so you do not need to do anything during the session.
The girl will always treat you well to have a great time. She will give you skillful massage and
great hand job at the same time. And this is what we provide is so called Kaishun Massage.


POINT 3. Special Japanese Escort Girls!
First, all girls belong to us are trained for special kaishun massage, also hand job. They are lanked
in the original ranking system. The better evaluation they get from the customer and even the instructor,
the higher income they could get.
They are kind enough to make you experience a great time by their massage and hand job.
They would not be rude during the massage because their hospitality never make them so.
They are proud of dedicating their full of hospitality to Japanese Massage. Getting a praise from customer
would be quite honor to her.


POINT 4. English Operating System!


You might have experienced that problem of language when you make an appointment for something in Japan.
It could be say same things in the Japanese Massage.
But please do not worry about it. We are adopting the operator could speak English.
They kindly help you have a massage to your location. So freely call us with no stress.


Please let us take all the responsibility for you will have a wonderful time in Japan.
Freely enjoy Japanese Massage and Kaishun Massage provided by Japanese girls that make you feel good
with no need to do anything.

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