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July 22, 2016

There's nothing like having your cock pleased at a Kobe Love hotel!!

Do you like horny women?  I think probably a strong yes.  A sexy, horny girl in Kobe who is there just for you and you alone; that would be a great thing to have, would it not? 


I love a nice horny woman when I’m enjoying a little sex play.  I like a girl who takes charge, where I don’t have to do anything, luckily there’s been a boom in that market and many sex shops have been working hard to offer up just this kind of slut to their customers.  All you have to do is lay back, and they do all the work.  Truly skilled in the erotic arts, their hand work wonders no pussy ever could.  And even though I can’t touch her, I don’t even need to.  It’s all right there, out in the open for me to enjoy, hands free.  The perfect kind of love to enjoy at a Love hotel.


It really heightens the pleasure, surrendering yourself to a woman and letting her control your pleasure.  This kind of erotic passivity has become quite popular in Kobe recently.  Why settle for a girl that just acts like it’s her job to be there?  These shops understand the importance of customer service and the quality in the product that they deliver, and I can tell you that it’s very much appreciated!  If you enjoy gorgeously sexy, horny women who know exactly what to do to take you places you never even dreamed, then you need to enjoy one of these sex machines in a Love hotel in Kobe.  Once you try the best, you’ll never need any other service!


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