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December 7, 2018

What is Erotic Massage Kawasaki?


Kawasaki Ayana 20181207.jpg

Kaishun Kawasaki and Horinouchi Soapland are well known erotic massage kawasaki.

There also are hundred other erotic kawasaki such as Soap, Delivery Health,
and Pink Saloon.  

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club provides original technique called Kaishun massage
and happy ending.  What make their erotic massage different from all others is their
nipple licking technique and special warm hand job.  Please click on the URL below
for further information and picture of the girls.

Kawasaki Kurara blog 20181007.jpg Kawasaki Emi blog 20181127.jpg

What is Erotic Massage  Kawasaki?

 Without knowing what Kaishun massage is, it is hard to proceed to make a reservation.
Here is a simple explanation of Kaishun:
It is an ancient Chinese massage to rejuvenate body, enhancing sexuality and
rebalancing male hormone by stimulating pressure points on and around balls.

 Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club Kawasaki provides you the kaishun massage
and more with erotic elements.

 The girl is topless with G-string on.

She gives you body to body oil massage, kissing and licking on upper half of
your body, teases and attacks on nipples, and sits and rides on your face to
heighten your sexuality.  When your needs reach the highest point, she’d take you
to the happy ending with her hand.

Kawasaki Kurara blog 20181201.jpg Kyoto Erika blog  20181129.jpg

There is no BJ nor sex in our service and the customers can’t touch the girl.

You can just lay amd have her lead you completely.
The pricing of the erotic
massage is a mid-ranged; not as pricing as Soapland, and not as cheap as
Pink Saloon.

 Some non-experienced customers feel that Kaishun massage is bit expensive for
erotic massage with no Sex and no BJ.  There are reasons why we have many
repeaters and why we have so many branches all over Japan. The quality of our
girls and the service is outstanding.  Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club Kawasaki
doesn’t focus on just ejaculation.

 Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club Kawasaki delivers girls to a hotel you are staying
or your home, and a love hotel.

 Once you meet the girl, she serves you taking your pleasure of her erotic
massage kawasaki.

 First, she takes your clothes off and then slides out of her own. You’d have
a full sight of her perfectly curved body: exposed tits with parked up nipples,
smooth skin and round butt, and a tiny G-string is hiding her most secret place.

Kawasaki Kurara blog 20181110.jpg Kawasaki Emi blog 20181113.jpg

She helps you take shower and then start massage.  All our girls are well

trained giving massage. There are some whom have professional massage
certificate.  The massage starts from the tip of your toes and slowly slides
up towards your most sensitive places. Her technique would activate your
grands and makes your lymph flow smoothly.  This process would better your
blood flow to detox your body.

 After the detoxing process, she’d start Kaishun massage.  She starts erotic
massage on grands at your groins and then your balls.  The way she builds
your penis stands would lay a rail for you to reach the highest peak you’d
experienced like when you were a juvenile.

 Then she begins Seikan massage.  She attacks your nipples while she plays
with your hard on.  Her naked body slides around and over your body and
her G-string butt be smeared on your face.

 When your drive is reaching the peak, her hands with special warm lotion
surrounds throbbing bone, which feels like being inside of a vagina.
They’d slide up and down rhythmically leading towards explosion.
Lastly, she
cleans everything up for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

 Japan Escort Erotic Massage provides experienced and high quality erotic massage,
Kaishun massage, Seikan massage, and the hand job better than banging.
They are all in the package and this is how men get hooked on our service.

 Please check our website for further information and reservation Kaishun
massage Kawasaki.


Kawasaki Emi 20181207.jpg

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