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May 8, 2016

Total Relaxation at a Kawasaki Love Hotel in Tsurumi!!!

Looking forward to enjoying some quality men’s relaxation, I parked my car at a handy place in Tsurumi, close to where the love hotels are located.

Normally I come to the area by train, but today I decided to drive in.  That meant that I had time to think a bit ahead and arrange my meeting just the way I wanted it, girl, hotel, and all.

If you aren’t familiar, Tsurumi is located between Kawasaki and Yokohama.  Organically, there aren’t as many places to play there are there are in Kawasaki and Yokohama; but because it’s in the middle of the two, you can pull delivery from both places and have your pick of some really quality love hotels to boot.  That’s why I like Tsurumi.


Like I said earlier, normally I come here by train; but that’s because I’m drinking.

I like to hang here with my friends after work, decompressing in some cool retro bars they have here.  But after a while, having all that drink in me makes me really long for the touch of a beautiful girl, and a little fun.  I’d always see the love hotels they have in Tsurumi, so it seemed natural that I could call up a place in Kawasaki and have a girl sent over.

But my friends and I would always take it too far, and I’d end up far too drunk to be able to enjoy myself.  That’s why I came out today in my car, it keeps me responsible because I know I’m going to have to drive home.


Tsurumi really has an awesome environment for play.  Great access by major outcall service chains, beautiful girls, great places to drink and kick back… its life at its best.

Now I do like to get a little buzzed before my massage because it’s fun; but I have to admit having my car here really does keep me responsible.  For me, there’s no better way to enjoy a Kawasaki girl.


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