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December 14, 2015

Experience the Joys of a Hand Job in Iwakuni

My eyes were opened to the great hand jobs you can get in Iwakuni.  It’s not like I had never used deriheru before, I had, but it had started to seem like something was lacking in the hand job service I was getting.  It just didn’t have the air of excitement it held before.


…and I have always liked that each individual hand job is a new experience.  The first time in a long time I felt like I actually got exciting hand job service was in Iwakuni.  A coworker told me about the place he goes there.  We both work construction and I had been complaining about a stiff neck and a bit of back pain.


I was actually thinking of visiting a proper chiropractor for a massage, but my coworker convinced me that their shop would offer the best kind of treatment.  I was a little wary at first because of my past experience, actually thinking “oh no, not one of those sex places again…”; but he was so confident and insistent I really couldn’t say no.  After all, if it was bad I could always use that as leverage, ha ha ha.


So I made my arrangements, and was greeted by some sweet young thing who would be doing the massage duties.  This kind of massage was a close contact massage meaning her body was touching mine at all times.  It was really erotic!  I really liked it when she started the lymphatic massage, working the base of my thigh and my groin.  I could actually feel my body improving and my dick getting harder than it had in a long time.  Everything my friend had told me about this place was absolutely true, and I was happy that I made the choice to enjoy this hand job in Iwakuni.

And it wasn’t just a simple hand job, either.  She licked my nipples, and slathered me up with erotic warm lotion.  The touch of her hot flesh on mind made it oh, so intimate.

She also had a special way of holding my hardness, and it seemed she knew a special means to jerk me to almost completion and then backing off to really build up my juices. 

This was even better than getting a blow job of fucking, and it really changed my mind on how I felt about hand jobs.  They’ve got a new customer for life!


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