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October 16, 2016

Hiroshima Massage you never fail

Hiroshima is the city of history, food, and massage!

When it comes to the sightseeing in Hiroshima, there are a lot of Japanese historical stuff which you may not be able to feel in the big city.
You will find the way you enjoy only in Hiroshima. Also, Hiroshima is famous for massage.
Although people say just massage, many kinds of massage exist in Hiroshima.
For instance, Thai style massage which mixed with stretch and finger-pressure treatments, and also "Seitai" which is massage to straighten backbone and improve physical condition.
Finger pressured massage itself and chiropractic well known in the United States are popular as well. You will also hear oil massage with many choices in oil types. As they all are mentioned, you have many options in Hiroshima!
Among these massages, oil massage has the highest popularity, and there are reasons for that. They will slide the palm down to your body, and relieve the stiffness from tonus of muscles.
The oil prevent your skin from getting dried, and you will feel the warmth through their hands. Furthermore, you will enjoy choosing the oil depending on aroma fragrancy, and it brings you lots of relaxation to your mind. When it comes down to it, oil massage is undoubtedly popular in Hiroshima by the different use and purpose!


Beloved Hiroshima oil massage from all over the world


As it is introduced on Yelp and TripAdvisor website, people ranked Hiroshima oil massage very high. The reason is professional massage technic and one's warmth coming from their palms during oil massage. And this is why Hiroshima has many oil massage shops, and so does many massagers. You must be finding difficulties choosing massage place that suits you. Needless to say, it isn't clear how different each shop is for foreigners, and even their website isn't written in English. Like this, you should be facing a plenty of problems making a reservation. In addition, because you are foreigner, some malicious shop will deceive you by taking extra charge or making you implicated in illegal activity in Japan.
It doesn't go easily to have happy memories in Hiroshima. Many barriers disrupt you from having safe and secured moment.

Our "foreign friendly" shop will blow off your anxiety!


We have officially opened up a massage shop for foreigners just because we would like you to spend nice memories same as Japanese customers.

・You will be able to make a reservation over the phone with English speaking operator.
・We will explain our system and service carefully.
・We provide foreigners same service and same price as Japanese customers.
・Only professionally training ladies are attending.
・We will never ask you extra charge.
We promise you to keep these things listed above and response to your diverse requests!

Our massage will heal not only your body but also your heart!


In many cases, physical fatigue links to mentally. Also, mental fatigue does to physically. In short, you should relieve your tiredness both physically and mentally or your exhausted body will never be satisfied! After getting oil massage, your body must be seeking something more erotic!

For these customers, we offer you oil massage with addictive hand job! It's not only oil massage you will get from everywhere in Hiroshima. Our massage is Body to Body oil massage with warmth and eros of Hiroshima girls! Girls will be topless but will be wearing G strings. Please enjoy watching the girl, feeling her skin with your sensitive skin, and getting the girl's special hand job!

Where you have our service? It's up to you!
・Delivering the girls to your hotel or private residence
・Meeting with lady at our designated meeting point and go to love hotel

We welcome customers from IWAKUNI!

These days, many foreigners are staying in Iwakuni. For these customers, we suggest you to have rendezvous session with one of our lady only if you have Japanese mobile phone number or skype which works outside.


This is how it works!
①Please call us, and give us what time you will reach to Hiroshima station. Then we will make tentative reservation.
②Please call us right before you take a train from Iwakuni to Hiroshima, then confirm your reservation.
Access: 1 hour by Sanyo train line from Iwakuni station to Hiroshima station.
    1 hour and 20 mins by car
③As you get to the Hiroshima station, please call us again, and we will guide you to our meeting point.

It is possible to make a reservation with this quick three steps! Don't warry! If something happened, such as having trouble finding our meeting point, we will help you out!

Please try and find out "Hiroshima massage you never fail!" on the bed!

For more rates and system INFO click here to check our English webpage!

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