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November 16, 2019

Adult Sensual Massage Tells You What To Eat in Hiroshima


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As you may already know the Hiroshima history, Hiroshima has unforgettable history of World War 2. You may want to visit the sacred place. When in Hiroshima, please embrace the local. Adult sensual massage would like to share some of the Hiroshima foods.


 Okonomiyaki is the best place for local gourmets in Hiroshima! Hiroshima's okonomiyaki is characterized by its original method of baking that originated in Hiroshima City.A layer of cabbage, bean sprouts, pork, etc. is layered on the dough of thinly stretched flour, and it is inverted and steamed.Then fry fried noodles or fried udon noodles, put the steamed ingredients on top, break the egg and put the ingredients on top. Savoring the sweetness and flavor of steamed vegetables is the best part of Hiroshima's okonomiyaki. It is said that there are over 800 okonomiyaki shops in Hiroshima city alone, and Hiroshima okonomiyaki is spreading to the surrounding municipalities. Adult sensual massage stuff love to take out Okonomiyaki for lunch.


 Speaking of Hiroshima seafood, oysters are famous. The oyster farming industry is prosperous mainly in the western part of the prefecture, and the production volume is the top in Japan. The history is said to have started since the Edo period. So there are many restaurants in Hiroshima city where you can eat oysters. The dishes that use fresh oysters that are unique to farming are attractive.


Hiroshima Chizuru blog 20191117b.jpg Hiroshima Ayami blog 20191004a.jpg



Hiroshima is not very famous for ramen. However, there is a local ramen called “Hiroshima Ramen” in the western part of the prefecture, such as around Hiroshima City. Originating in post-war food stalls, it has a soy sauce flavored with pork bone and chicken bran, and features a slightly whitish brown soup. The noodles are slightly thinner straight and boiled and tender. A characteristic of the ingredients is sprout, which is a lot more than ramen in other regions.


 These are the foods, Adult sensual massage would like you to eat in Hiroshima. For more information, please ask our lady. They are professional about the foods.


After you enjoy the Hiroshima Town, please visit our service at the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Hiroshima!




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