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August 21, 2020

You trip to a virtual lake while you are in bed.

She has a very nice model look, soft hands,

is reminiscent of her youth, 

and eloquent that attracts all the gentlemen around the world.

She is experienced with normal massage that is a plus.

All the girls have taken our classes for erotic massage 

while she has an extra and authentic massage skill.

She is petite and skinny. Western girls may be busty-booty,

but since you are in Japan, you may want to experience

real Japanese smooth skin and skinny posture that reminds 

you of a cute girl from Dragon Ball Z.

She is very attentive and takes care of your erogenous zone 

from the beginning to the farewell hug. 

Your lips even become ones of the parts that boost your libido.

Relax your body as if you floated in Lake Tahoe and close your eyes. 

Her soft body will come on top and humble tites touch all over your body

with our original oil which is made from grapefruit seeds, 

like a tranquil ripple touches your body. In the process, 

you may get in a doggy style, she stimulates 

your anus and groin from behind inserting her arms between the legs,

wraps your penis with her palm and fingers that move like a jellyfish. 

This causes an unprecedented pleasure for you. 

You trip to a virtual lake while you are in bed.

The dried sheets become wetter as the session 

goes and turn into a real lake with your dirty sweat and liquid.

Finally she sits on your face as a float but not for your safety, 

that is the most dangerous float you ever had that asphyxiates you to heaven.

Inhale as much as you can and smell all her luscious scent before you 

go unconscious while she is testicle-massaging and jerking off your penis 

with a perfect pressure and lube.

All left is the sheet-ripple after you get sunk deep in the bed,

now you`re all set.

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club , Gotanda

Reservation pnone number : 06 6212 1950 (+81)

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