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July 7, 2020

What Us? Tokyo Hand Job!  

We only provide massage and hand job.

But this is not a normal massage. 


We, Tokyo Hand Job, are boosting your libido in our entire session.

It is a thought that we integrate normal massage and erotic massage.


About erotic massage.


As Tokyo Hand Job contemplates erotic massage,


We not only ease your mental and physical stress but also satisfy your sexual desire.


The masseur’s body gets always intimate to your body, the naughty tongue stimulates the erogenous zone on your upper body.


The masseur slowly teases your groin avoiding genitals to boost your libido.


Tokyo Hand Job never heard of any gentlemen

that felt nothing for being teased on groin.


We treat your nipples and areolas with fingertips

and a tongue as if we are normally massaging. 


The lady from Tokyo Hand Job keeps their pokerface,

sit on your face, let you sniff her lewd scent, and continues the massage. 


This is the epitome of TEASE..



Finally, she will finish you with lube drenched testicle massage



The hand job of Tokyo Hand Job uses lubricant and perform slowly.


We guarantee an unprecedented pleasure you ever felt in your daily sex life.



This is the [ Erotic Massage ] of Tokyo Hand Job.

However, you only can be passive.


Thus you can not touch our girl.


Only happy ending will be performed with a hand job.


The girl from Tokyo Hand Job takes off the bra but will never be fully naked.  


A full service, in other words, having sex, can NOT be performed!!



A lot of our clients would have thought

[Why can we not have sex?]  when they called us for the first time.


Just imagine, while you float in a river, an exotic mermaid will jerk you off.

That is the epitome of the pleasure

since you do not even have to move a single finger.  



Therefore, we could have cute discreet girls next door

that are not typical escort or prostitute looking,

but still interesting in this business unless STDs.


You may want to hang out with real cute Japanese girls

if you are in this island. 


In Tokyo Hand Job, You may be hallucinated

that your lovely Japanese girlfriend are taking care of your stressed out

body and  forget that you are actually dealing with a pro.


Additionally, we, the world, are in fear of Covid-19.

You may take a risk for an adult entertainment.


You will have less risks with Tokyo hand Job.

Absolutely NO risk for an STD due to no discharge contact!!

It is all about your choice.


1. An escort service which provides sex-ish services with the risk of infection for STDs and Coivid-19.  


2. An unlicensed escort service that provides a full-service despite against The Law Of Japan. 


3. An escort service that provides a cute girl who has a passion to take care of you physically and mentally by body to body massage. 

We offer 3 !!

Again, in our environment,

you can absolutely NOT touch a girl…

Please do not expect anything other than hand job.


However, we have a lot of regular clients. 


Maybe it’s time for you to see another world.


I would totally recommend you

to experience our TOKYO HAND JOB right this time, today.




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