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October 7, 2019

Tokyo Elite Nightlife for Foreigners


Umi Gotanda 20190903.jpg

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club is your top destination for elite nightlife. And it's not only the destination along came a happy ending but also the beginning of the rest of your Tokyo nightlife.

Visit Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Gotanda.

When you are a foreigner in Gotnada and don't know how to play, do as Gotanada elites do. That is what we call Goatanda rule which is ruled by Gotanada Kaishun Girls. Let our girls rule your nightlife and let your nighttime sharpens and heightens each sensation.

We proudly present the most attractive girls in Gotanda and also proudly the best service in Tokyo. 100% legal, No STD, No extra charge, Professional massage with a happy ending handjob. Who could ask for anything more


 The Healers at the place of Oasis in the Central Tokyo


Yua (30) T158 B83 (C) W57 H85

Yua is a very experienced sensual masseuse, who holds the Ange S ranking at the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Gotanda Branch. She is available on various days at the central Tokyo: Just call or text with your ideal time and date you’d like to book.

She is extremely proficient upon the erotic massage in an authentic setting in a private hotel room. She has been training her style of healing and performs how she can combine some aspects of the erotic massage. For those of you who are not familiar with so called Kaishun Massage she is the one who lead you to the extreme feeling of being relieved. Yua is a beautiful, warm, caring and intelligent person as well as being an exceptionally good erotic  masseuse.

The whole world is her stage!

Now she is matured lady, and has been gifted a beautiful look and stunning 
Million Dollar Baby.

She is one of a few girls who can speak English. She has a warm conversation and 
asks your needs, wants, and desires as she feel'em from your outset. She has good relaxation technique with our entitlement of Ranking, “Ange S". She heightens your senses from head to toe. Her skills with implements rank right up at the top of the service.

Our modern live is sometimes too hectic, and we should all do more to relax Go meet her. She is so worth it, and will leave you in stimulated, relaxed, and satisfied.



Gotanda Yua 20181017.jpgのサムネール画像 Yokohama Yua blog 20181102.jpg



Ms. Ryouko (38) T159 B84 (E) W58 H84

She can make you laugh. She can make you cry. She can inspire you and change your insight. Ms. Ryouko has the power to do all these things, to grab your attention and touch your emotions with her porcelain skin, maturity in grace of a complete woman forever. The reality of the woman is what creates the intensity of pleasure. You will discover yourself and the world of the intensity, and experience a touch of femininity in depth.


Gotanda Ryoko 20181017 pic02.jpgのサムネール画像のサムネール画像 Gotanda Ryoko blog 20101006a.jpg


Sayaka (20) T167 B87 (D) W58 H85

 Allowing oneself to embark into sexual healing tells you to embrace life and its pleasures, to encompass all forms of beauty, sensitivity, ecstasy, and excitement within bodily pleasures. Ms. Sayaka embodies such natural healing and beauty. And find spiritual harmony in love. If we all were able to do that, the whole world would be a little improved. Sayaka does her step forward for the harmony of relations by giving her incredible massages.



Gotanda Sayaka 20191006.jpg


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