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June 25, 2020

Shinagawa Tokyo Erotic Massage Served By An Angel !!

Hello there!

My name is Brian , I have been in Japan for a long time but I’d never 

had this kind of pleasure in my entire life until I met JEEMC !!


It was then I divorced in cold winter and was devastated
with all the things that happened to me,
I was unlucky even I failed to be promoted at my company etc..

I was so alone and was looking for an escort service.

I kinda only had been to soap brothels and
never used any other type of escort services.

I googled Erotic Massage Shinagawa Tokyo,
hit this place JEEMC and made a call.

The staff who responded was so polite and fluent in English, 

So you do not have to be nervous with your language.

I chose to have a girl whom the staff would recommend,

if they didn’t give you girls name ,there won’t be an extra charge.

For the first timer who has no idea about this place,
the staff give you choices if you want to choose a girl
from the pictures on the website,
or give you a couple of names they recommend and
you take a min to decide as checking their profiles and tell

the staff you want to meet, these options cost 2000JPY.

If you just count on them and let them sent you
whoever the most popular girl of the day, you will be charged ZERO.

Anyhow, I was informed about their conditions ,
they somehow reiterated DO NO TOUCH A GIRL many times,
come on do you think I'm deaf ?

I won't touch if you say do not touch
because there is no way to make a trouble in a foreign country as a foreigner. 

I ordered 75 mins course for 18000 and 1000 for membership registration fee
which I still don’t know what the heck this is but it's only $10 for permanent

still nothing for me,
and I acquiesced to pay the hotel room fee so  I prepared 30000 JPY in case.
All the price is plus tax 10%. The total price will be about 25000JPY.

I went to a designated hotel and waited for a girl at the lobby about 10 mins
and got nervous 

so I called them to make sure and they said  she was on her way.

I finally got to meet her after another 5 mins and

she was so generous and looked much better than other women in the street.

I was so excited , couldn’t wait for the session,

we went up to the room and took a shower.

The girl kept her lingeries on during the shower,
her hands are so soft ,
I never expected a Japanese woman has such nice smooth white skin.

We went to the bed and I became naked.

Laid on my stomach and she started erotic massage
from the whole legs including toes.

She said she uses special fruit made oil which had a very nice texture.

The entire time her body was touching somewhere at my body,
this is the famous body-to-body oil massage.

Her skin was so smooth sliding on my body.

I didn’t have to move a single digit finger.

No wonder why they reiterated No Touch thing.

I mean, you DON’T HAVE  

Her hands moved up to my thighs and rolled up my groin,
and she tickled my head of penis and IT got hyped.

Man, this is soooo good.

She asked me to be in a doggy style and I did,

she performed what she calls Feather Touch.

She used only her fingertips and my anus is completely exhibited like MOMA.

Her finger technique has various colours on a palette that draws
the picture integrated my sex drives and erotic fantasy
on my body that’s only visible when you close your eyes.

I saw an angel massaging my erogenous zone,
her fingers are the incarnation of God’s right hand.

The procedure ,during a doggy style,
went from toes to shins to thighs and arrived on groin, then testicles,

finally reached my penis. It is all performed as slowly erotic massage.

She told me it’s called Tantra.

On the third position, she asked me to sit and fold my legs
as in Buddha posture.

She stimulated my nipples and penis from behind,
licked my ears that causes a nasty wet sound

as if you heard raining in an ancient temple,

hence my penis became as red as lotus flowers floating in a pond.

Now what else should I pray?

My dream already came true!!

The girl asked me to lay on my back.

Guess what…

She took her bras and kept only a thong ,she sat on my face!! 

It’s called facesitting or ass worship, Miss, weren't I Buddha?

I inhaled all her ambrosial scent that I should make

my own brand blunt out of this…

At the same time she put warm lubricant on my penis

and started to jerk me off.

She covered 3 boroughs simultaneously, face,nipples and penis!

I spontaneously thrusted my penis,

which got 10 times harder than when I had sex with my ex wife,

within her hand and welCumed a happy ending..

I never saw such an amount of semen and its rich thick consistency.

I ejaculated all the sperm I had. 

Fellas,stop praying for jesus at home,there are angels over here.

She would make you harmonious Buddha,
and your lotus flower bloom which would float in a pond you make with your own squirt.            

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club , Gotanda branch
Shinagawa , Minato , Meguro , Ebis
06 6212 1950
81 6 6212 1950


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