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June 18, 2015

Very popular Ange girl in Fukuoka


・I have been using this massage parlor for years. This massage parlor is very convenient with branches all over Japan. I always use it on the last day of a business trip as a reward. Unfamiliar workplace and location makes me more tired than usual, so this massage parlor is good to me.

Their popular escort girls are called "Ange" with ranking "A", "S", or "SS". "SS" is the highest. But I cannot meet them because my schedule is not sure in advance. The ranking in this group is not for their conveninece. Ange girls are genuine popular escort girls. Especially this "SS" girls are full-booked all the time, so I have not seen yet.

I am satisfied with Ange "A" or "S" girls because they are popular and satisfactory, but I want to meet "SS" girls very much. However, there are popular escort girls with no Ange title because their working days are not many. The other day, I called their escort girl in Tenjin-kita in Fukuoka. No Ange girl was available at that time, so I asked their recommended girl. She was beautiful and good at sexual feeling massage.

She said she works once a week only. I think I was lucky. This group various types of girls, but all I have met so far were good. Ange girls are good of course, and many other girls are high-level, too. I would like to use this entertainment in the future.

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