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April 6, 2017

The reason why cheap pink saron in Fukuoka is popular and the demerit behind.


kashun 5.jpg

Fukuoka has been said as the top of neon town and Fuzoku town in Japan. 

But recently they seem to be gaining the popularity again for cheap pink saron.

You could get almost same service as Delivery Health, but the price is less than half of that service. It seems full of merit, isn’t it?

It is quite affordable for busy men that you don’t need the time for shower before the session.
You’re gonna not loose your time. It is just the best work for the man who want a relaxing sexualy in his few spare time during the job. Recently we could see the long waiting lines in front of the cheap pink saron.

・Strange room with loud music in the dark, the lady serve you looks old.
・When you get use to the darkness, everything around you could be seen and
・The space you’re gonna have in the shop is not enough. So you could not get luscious session.
 ・You might feel unclean since you could not take a shower during session.

Moreover, though you might feel it is bargain to have a session for short time, in fact, the amount price doesn’t differ a lot from Delivery Health.

It seems to be high cost‐performance when you use that service only for 20 min, but you might take the lady just a machine of Jorking off.

Quite far from that of girl friend.


If it was your first time, it would be OK but if you had enough experience of that service, you should have felt unsatisfactory.

Are you really satisfied with cheap pink salon??

When we speak more...

・When you enter the shop, you worry about being seen by someone know you.

・You don’t like to wait at waiting room with another guys.
・They keep you waiting so long time though they said soon and pay first.
・When you have a session with your friend, you and your friends got a same lady.

Why even cheap pink salon is popular in Fukuoka city?



 Well, cost-performance is the point?


・You scared of inviting the lady to your house.

・Even if you failed to get a nice lady, you could forget about it.

If you have that thought, we are gonna tell you that is totally wrong !

You could get a wonderful service you would never gotten from cheap pink salon at open and clear space and Japan Erotic Escort Massage Club is the one you could get special massage with happy ending service at your favorite location while listening favorite music.

The service cheap pink salon provide is limited since the place is such a cheap and narrow place. But your house and hotel is no limit!

・Take a session without any concious of other people

 ・Want to see lady’s face and body carefully

 ・Want to make her feel good in your favorite way Even though you like cheap pink salon, you might have felt these feeling.

There are many people that you usually use a shop type of Fuzoku since you haven’t had a good experience on delivery health.

The lady kills time by talking, less time for session.
Our shop is totally different!!

Kaishun 2.jpgKaishun.jpg

Our shop’s consept is that Extasy without any action, like a king.

Thus, you don’t need to do anything during the session, the lady will always give you the things you feel good. The lady will be always closely attached your body and she will give you special massage with oil. You could feel her with full of body and get up to the happy ending.
Our shop has opened many shops in all over Japan.

And those have a same quality of service whichever lady you choose. Because we have made them get special training for massage. All ladies. So that’s gonna be never happened like that lady was good but this one is.... Please do not hesitate to call us when you want a booking, even have any question as well. Looking forward to see you.




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