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January 27, 2019

Satisfying Nightlife in Fukuoka with "Happy Ending"

Fukuoka Nozomi 20181215.jpg

Fukuoka is famous for a night out, once selected as the world best ten for that.  There are lots of amusements to enjoy after sunset like cosy or sophisticated restaurants, pubs, night clubs, Onsen (Japanese style spa), and adult-entertainment shops.  They are all packed in the small area like Yosenabe (that is a Japanese Cooking boiling various ingredients in one pot like meat, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, and/or so on, and is definitely worth a try especially in winter).  

Among them, particularly after the day when you had a hectic time and a good, hopefully, meal, you might want to choose something to make you “relax”, something to let you enjoy rather passively, and something to be quite Japanese.  That is an utterly natural need. That is what many people require.

However, if you think of a “simple intimacy” available anywhere in the world, we are afraid to say you should look for somewhere else.

If your requirement is a bit more fancy and pleasure rarely found except in Japan; here, Escort Massage Fukuoka should be the right place to come.  Or, if you are looking for Escort Massage Fukuoka with Japanized concepts, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club is also the one.

Fukuoka Ayaka blog 20181123.jpg Fukuoka Ayaka blog 20190124.jpg

Our service is NOT ONLY a simple erotic massage BUT Kaishun massage, also known as rejuvenating massage.  Erotic massage accompanied with Kaishun massage can drive you to powerful ejaculation spurting spunk which you might not have experienced before, or might have when you are younger.  One reporter expressed that it was a supreme excitement as if his brain had stopped working.

Both massage is of course to lead you to “Happy Ending”, but the aspect they primarily stimulate differs.  The difference is indigenous here in Japan as well as developed by us.

Erotic massage is to raise the height of orgasm especially in the mental side.  Our cast administers a heavenly body-to-body massage with finest non-flavored grapeseed oil.  This sort of massage is sometimes referred to Nuru Massage but this is certainly not enough described, though.  Inner feeling is aroused by the mixture of relieving massage, tantalizing, and relaxing. It begins a part of body “far” from erogenous, and rubs towards a good part  “gathering” pleasure gradually. The massage will be lifting sexual sensation higher and higher.

Kaishun massage enhances a sexual performance; that is, strengthens ejaculation and increases semen volume, which might surprise you.  They are achieved by improving the bloodstream in testicles and by relieving their “stress” suffered from tight clothes, sitting too long time, and/or mental distress.  Along with that, lymphatic drainage groin massage reduces swelling and puffiness, and accordingly, produces sexual enhancement. The result is definitely worth a look.

Fukuoka Yuuki blog 20181029.jpg Fukuoka Yuuki blog 20181130.jpg

Our massage is administered by Japanese casts especially trained by Japanese style with in-Japan-evolved techniques.  This training course is conducted periodically held to keep higher standard always. What’s more we employ lecturers who run own shops without erotic elements just to improve our casts’ “normarl” massage skills.  It goes without saying that we have erotic massage “professor” as well.

If anything interests you, please contact our escort massage.  Let us entertain you, Escort Massage Fukuoka.

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