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September 16, 2019

Our Masseur List the Must Foods to Eat in Fukuoka, Japan


Fukuoka Ayaka 20181214.jpg


I asked more than 20 masseurs about the first thing to come in their minds when they hear the word, Fukuoka. Our masseurs say that there are not as many famous places as famous foods. It tells how Fukuoka is famous for its foods. I would like to share the best 3 foods that my colleagues can think of.

 No.1: Ramen-Japanese Chinese noodle

 It is the go-to dinner of not only Japanese people but also of foreigners in recent years. Its popularity is boosting year by year. A bowl of garlic pork bone soup gives you the power to work hard under the shining summer sun. Not to mention, the burning hot soup partners well with freezing winter.

 No.2: Mentaiko-Seasoned cod roe

 Mentaiko is no doubt the best souvenir in Fukuoka for all ages. It really goes well with rice. Kids can not stop eating and asking for a piece of it. The temptation is not only for kids but also for adults. The spice on it is not too spicy and not too mild. It accelerates your appetites more than drinking beer.

Please do not be addicted to Mentaiko, otherwise, you will suffer from gout. Our masseur and staff are waiting for your Mentaiko souvenir.



Fukuoka Yuuki blog 20181130.jpg


No.3: Motsunabe-Japanese hotpot

Motsunabe is rich in nutrition. It is so popular among Japanese beauties. The Motsunabe is a treasure box of collagen. It is said that Motsunabe is the secret to tell you why there are so many beautiful girls in Fukuoka. Motsu or guts make Fukuoka girls healthy and beautiful.

These are just the first impression that our masseurs have about Fukuoka. These three things, of course never let you down. But there must be more attractive things for you there.

 For more information, you need to ask the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Fukuoka.

Please call +816 6212 1950. Our Fukuoka beauties are happy to give you local tips.


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