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June 15, 2015

Nothing venture, nothing win... there are, indeed, exceptions in Fukuoka.


fukuoka_otoha1.jpgFukuoka Nightlife: Otoha



Outcall escort service is convenient. We can get delivered anytime and anywhere in our convenience. Kisses, blowjob… and we can touch and lick female bodies, and we can also have fun using sex toys that we cannot often use in our private sex life.


I had an escort girl that was exactly my type and had a great time. However, I realized something was wrong several days later… I got a venereal disease from the girl for the first time in my life. Guess I had been just lucky. I had not thought about the risk of STD. I could barely hide it from my family, but I was scared at escort service for a while.


Do you know escort service without the risk of STD? It is kaishun massage. They have no contact between genitals, nor kisses or blowjob. You might doubt if such a service is satisfactory, but they have 25 branches all over Japan! They could not expand this much if customers were not satisfied! The level of escort girls and service is satisfactory. It is a perfect escort club for men that want to avoid VD risks or are tired of regular escort service!


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Fukuoka Nanotsu Outcall Escort

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