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June 29, 2015

Ever have an Aroma Oil Testicle Massage in Fukuoka?

I noticed something recently when I was checking out the most popular outcall deriheru sites.  A large number of the highest rated ones were located in Fukuoka and were part of national chains.  Have you ever used one of these shops?  Believe it or not, the number of men who have yet to experience outcall aroma massage is surprisingly large.  Basically, this is a kind of massage for men who want the ultimate relaxation and ultimate sexual experience all at the same time!


The first time I tried one, I had no illusions that the massage was going to be a bit crap.  This was bolstered by the fact that my masseuse was a stunner, and I thought she was obviously hired for her “other” skills; but my GOD, when she started working on me, I could tell that she actually knew what she was doing.  She had obviously been trained in actual massage techniques, and she said so when I complimented her later.  She said that they have to undergo qualifications for traditional massage, lymphatic massage, and even testicle massage!  It was such a great experience as full-fledged massage turned into an erotic massage as I was able to enjoy the fruits of her body through facesitting and teasing.  Such a wonderful experience that I could now receive every day!


This kind of service is great for people who don’t live in close proximity to the shop or who don’t want to deal with the bustling crowds. They service everywhere from the center of Hakata, like Sawara-ku, and even out to places like Nakasu and Haruyoshi.  Delivery massage is the absolute best!



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