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Fukuoka Girls

About Girls Nomination

Nomination fee of 2000yen for

  • choosing a girl by her name
  • asking who is coming
  • requesting specific types

Additional charge for the Ange girl.

Please refer to the following link for the Ange girl fee:

[About ranking system "Ange" and Massage skill]

Ange are girls highly popular among our our customer. The hottest girls of all our branches in Japan. They are usually full booked , So we suggest for an early reservation.
*Ange have 5 star, It is Archange , SSS , SS , S , A

*Massage skill (The number of stars )
The number of stars under "Erotic Massage" and "Standard Massage" on the lady's profiles are all based on our customers' reviews.
If the lady is new figure or work irregularly, please call us for the information.

  • Archange

    Are the queens of all the Kaishun girls, the best of the bests. Must to meet once in your life.

    For qualifying lady, 5000YEN will be charged for Archange fee besides requesting fee.

  • Ange SSS
    Ange SSS

    Are ladies extremely popular among our customers. The hottest girls of our group.

    For qualifying lady, 4000YEN will be charged for Ange SSS fee besides requesting fee.

  • Ange SS
    Ange SS

    Are highly popular among our customers. We strongly recommend you meet one of them.

    For qualifying lady, 3000YEN will be charged for Ange SS fee besides requesting fee.

  • Ange S
    Ange S

    Are ladies highly popular among our customers.

    For qualifying lady, 2000YEN will be charged for Ange S fee besides requesting fee.

  • Ange

    Are ladies popular among our customers.

    For qualifying lady, 1000YEN will be charged for Ange fee besides requesting fee.

  • ChouChou

    ChouChou- Up rising Hot Girls. Next ANGE generation.

  • E'toile

    Are the new girls

About the order of the girls' photos and the date of renewing....
We collect the girls' popularity point from our customers from the previous month and renew the order of the girls' photos at 10th next month.
About the HOT GIRLS ranking.
This is the top 50 HOT GIRLS ranking not based on the branch but on our Kaishun Massage group.
About Tax
Tax amount is applied on the Total Price

Please double check girls schedule page.

girls schedule

*Click each girl's photo for more pictures.

Erika  Age: 29

Maiko  Age: 20


Chie  Age: 30


Natsume  Age: 30


Hyuuga  Age: 32


Miku  Age: 29

Arii  Age: 23


Honami  Age: 31


Yukina  Age: 30


Akari  Age: 26

Chinami  Age: 26

Emiri  Age: 28


Shion  Age: 22


seira  Age: 24

ann  Age: 23

Rena  Age: 20

Yuzuha  Age: 23

miria  Age: 22


Maria  Age: 32


Misa  Age: 23

Sena  Age: 20

Noa  Age: 24


Yui  Age: 22


Umi  Age: 19

Runa  Age: 25

Koharu  Age: 24

Iroha  Age: 20


Riho  Age: 28

Uran  Age: 31

Reika  Age: 27

Rina  Age: 26

Satsuki  Age: 29

Asami  Age: 32


Hitomi  Age: 32

Kanna  Age: 29

Mai  Age: 24

Yuu  Age: 28

Nene  Age: 27


misato  Age: 26

Tomomi  Age: 31


Ema  Age: 26

Asuka  Age: 27

Sana  Age: 21

Aoi  Age: 30


Satomi  Age: 26

Maimi  Age: 25

Kana  Age: 29


Hatsune  Age: 27

Yuuri  Age: 24

Miwa  Age: 27

Natsuna  Age: 30

Ayaka  Age: 25

Yuuko  Age: 30

Yukari  Age: 27

Ichika  Age: 26

Kei  Age: 28

Yuka  Age: 29

Mirei  Age: 27

Makoto  Age: 28

Marina  Age: 20


Nanami  Age: 23

Rara  Age: 21

Hinano  Age: 23

Rion  Age: 24

Mio  Age: 25

Mao  Age: 26

Saki  Age: 27

Nozomi  Age: 26

ErikaAge:29 T161 B82 W56 H85

MaikoAge:20 T153 B81 W55 H82

ChieAge:30 T150 B86 W57 H86

NatsumeAge:30 T160 B82 W57 H84

HyuugaAge:32 T159 B85 W60 H87

MikuAge:29 T148 B82 W58 H82

AriiAge:23 T158 B89 W59 H88

HonamiAge:31 T161 B93 W60 H91

YukinaAge:30 T170 B84 W62 H88

AkariAge:26 T160 B85 W58 H84

ChinamiAge:26 T153 B81 W58 H86

EmiriAge:28 T161 B87 W58 H84

ShionAge:22 T154 B88 W56 H83

seiraAge:24 T160 B85 W59 H84

annAge:23 T153 B85 W59 H82

RenaAge:20 T148 B82 W57 H86

YuzuhaAge:23 T165 B85 W58 H85

miriaAge:22 T158 B83 W59 H84

MariaAge:32 T161 B82 W60 H84

MisaAge:23 T154 B82 W57 H80

SenaAge:20 T155 B84 W57 H82

NoaAge:24 T153 B83 W58 H80

YuiAge:22 T156 B82 W59 H84

UmiAge:19 T168 B90 W60 H89

RunaAge:25 T156 B85 W60 H86

KoharuAge:24 T153 B86 W60 H88

IrohaAge:20 T158 B87 W60 H88

RihoAge:28 T153 B83 W55 H81

UranAge:31 T153 B87 W59 H88

ReikaAge:27 T155 B87 W59 H86

RinaAge:26 T161 B83 W58 H88

SatsukiAge:29 T161 B85 W57 H85

AsamiAge:32 T156 B81 W60 H87

HitomiAge:32 T156 B89 W61 H88

KannaAge:29 T155 B82 W57 H82

MaiAge:24 T157 B88 W60 H89

YuuAge:28 T156 B86 W59 H86

NeneAge:27 T160 B82 W58 H85

misatoAge:26 T159 B88 W62 H86

TomomiAge:31 T150 B85 W60 H85

EmaAge:26 T153 B85 W58 H84

AsukaAge:27 T155 B88 W58 H81

SanaAge:21 T156 B89 W63 H87

AoiAge:30 T166 B86 W58 H89

SatomiAge:26 T161 B82 W58 H85

MaimiAge:25 T160 B85 W60 H88

KanaAge:29 T153 B83 W59 H84

HatsuneAge:27 T156 B86 W60 H85

YuuriAge:24 T151 B85 W60 H89

MiwaAge:27 T151 B83 W59 H83

NatsunaAge:30 T159 B84 W63 H87

AyakaAge:25 T160 B87 W62 H90

YuukoAge:30 T158 B83 W59 H84

YukariAge:27 T160 B88 W61 H89

IchikaAge:26 T155 B85 W60 H88

KeiAge:28 T162 B84 W64 H85

YukaAge:29 T162 B86 W59 H84

MireiAge:27 T151 B86 W60 H84

MakotoAge:28 T159 B86 W60 H90

MarinaAge:20 T158 B84 W59 H85

NanamiAge:23 T157 B82 W58 H82

RaraAge:21 T163 B90 W62 H89

HinanoAge:23 T156 B84 W69 H86

RionAge:24 T168 B85 W56 H86

MioAge:25 T157 B83 W57 H85

MaoAge:26 T160 B83 W58 H85

SakiAge:27 T160 B84 W59 H81

NozomiAge:26 T160 B86 W59 H85

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