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March 23, 2016

Looking for a Sexual Massage in Makuhari?

Has anyone out there ever enjoyed a sexual massage in Makuhari?  A friend of mind when and when he reported back, I couldn’t hardly believe what he said!  Full body contact, nipple play, facesitting, testicle massage, limba massage (the lymph around the base of the thigh).  They even gave him a prostate massage.  He said that because of their technique he was able to cum again and again and again.  And every time he came it really was like fireworks; pleasure 100x what he had known before.  Best.  Handjob.  Ever.


This kind of full body technique has been specially honed to bring the most pleasure to me that can be achieved, or so the menu read.  He told me the massage is a passive experience, meaning all he had to do was lay down and relax.  The therapist took care of everything.  The women here are specially trained to meet the needs of every man and to bring him the highest form of pleasure imaginable.


This kind of massage is perfect for men who have been stressed by their work, who begin to falter under the pressure of everyday life, or who find their sex life at home just isn’t that much of a draw anymore.  That’s the perfect time to take advantage of sexual massage in Makuhari.  They can really get you out of that rut.  And their advanced techniques really wash away that tired feeling that’s been dogging you.  So if you need a little extra spark in your life, then you need this fantastic sexual massage in Makuhari!! 


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