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May 16, 2015

Japanese escort service is omotenashi.


Because a foreign friend said he was interested in Japanese escorts, we went together.
I will put his thoughts about that time.
I have used escorts in my country, too. However, none of them asked me what kind of service I like.
Generally, the sessions go as the escorts like.
Some escorts open their legs and told “Come on.”
However, Japanese escorts seemed to value on foreplay more.
It was sweet Japanese escorts requested kisses or served asking if licking my private part felt good.
It was also surprising they confirmed if I was feeling good once in a while.
They asked if stronger stimulation is better or sucking is better.
Thus, I could ejaculate several a couple of times. Which was a pleasant time.
I thought only I would feel good is not fair. I touched her body and made her feel good. It was satisfactory.
This is my friend’s thought.
I was glad at he could have a satisfactory time with Japanese escorts.

My foreign client was interested in Japanese girls, so I arranged escort service for him.

When we met after the session, his first words were "That's the omotenashi."

He told me like this.


I have used sex service not in Japan. However, none of those girls asked me what kind of service I like.

Generally, the service is same, not order-made.

I had an escort girl that opened her legs and told me “Come on. Put it in.” as soon as we met. LoL

However, Japanese escort girls seemed to value on foreplay more.

It was very sweet the Japanese escort girl wanted to flirt with me and asked me if I felt good while she licked my body.

It was also great she confirmed if I was feeling good once in a while. I always thought that was what we, men had to do.

She tried all kinds of licking, sucking, rolling, sweet-bite and so on, to make me feel the best. Thus, I could ejaculate a couple of times. 


I was glad at his satisfaction. Would you care for such a sweet romantic erotic time with Japanese girl?


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