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March 21, 2016

Foreign Friendly Erotic Massage in Narita!!

Narita Airport is a magnet for foreign travelers because… well, it’s an airport.  And while most people know Narita as an international travel hub, it also has another great distinction that’s not so well known among the foreign crowd, and that is that it’s a great place for outcall erotic massage.  I actually lived in some apartments in Narita and I had some neighbors that were from abroad.  They were great guys, but they ran into a bit of trouble when it came to dealing with Japanese nightlife.  The problem was that their Japanese was a bit… challenged.  Once a cabaret club figures out that your Japanese isn’t great, and this goes for sex shops, too, you’re out.  Because of this, he was really pent up when it came to relieving his manly stresses.  I felt so bad for him that I decided to take it upon myself to find a place that would accept him in Narita.  And lo and behold, I succeeded!  I did a little research and found a foreigner friendly outcall place and then hooked him up.  Maybe I was more nervous than he was, because waiting to hear his report was really high-tension for me.  But when he came back, his face was beaming!  He said he had experienced things with this Japanese angel that he never dreamed of where he came from… and now he’s even started talking about finding a Japanese girl to marry (LOL).  When I think about it, if I visited a country outside Japan, I’d want to be able to fool around with the girls there.  That’s why I’ve really become a fan of this erotic massage parlor in Narita, because they cater to all men, the way a sex shop should.  They say that love has no borders; but I often wonder if sex shop managers in Japan have the brains to realize that applies to sex, too (LOL)


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