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September 24, 2016


① The pleasure of teasing in giving sex massage to women


Men tend to be sexually aggressive. Supposedly is why a specific category of Japanese AV porn that "begins giving woman a massage turns out banging in the end" is so prevalent. The whole scene is composed of woman being entirely dominated by a man. Watching a gorgeous women moaning on AV porn will certainly turn on a man. It's just natural to be sexually aroused while imagining what comes next. Also, does it not awaken the animal instinct deep inside when hearing a woman cry from excitement? In short, sex massage grants pleasure to be in control because women will be passive, surely cannot be gained in normal sex.

② However, being dominant 24/7 gets fed up


Giving dominant sex massage to wives and girlfriends is entertaining but doesn't it get bored if it's done regularly? Having sex with a "dead lay" at all times is not fun. The more having sex in same position the more it gets fed up. Which leads to sexless and your sex life tends to fade away. Not always dominant but sometimes submissive! A stunning lady on top taking control is not bad, passivity is not bad at all. It's a new idea never before seen. You do nothing and leave it all to the girl. This new method is called Japanese Sex Massage. The pleasure of Japanese Sex Massage is to be passive. The ways to have fun is all up to you!! Such as making plans for the girl to do things and perceive the things she does accordingly to your will, which enables to indulge in sadism and masochism simultaneously.

Many women take men as wild and aggressive creature. However, even sadists at times wish to just lay down and do nothing but to be served (by all means) as a king. Also, men concealing the fact of being a masochist to wives and girlfriends are not few. Unfortunately, many men hesitate to demand their true desire because they fear to be judged by breaking out of the "Manly" stereotype.

Men just can't ask for a Japanese sex massage to wives and girlfriends, that is the current status of all men.

③ It's not just women that want to be passive・・・!


The fact is men who are aggressive 24/7 are very few. Even aggressive men in times prefer to be passive. Unfortunately in Japan almost all women are passive. The cause relate to Japan's male-dominated society. Girls that appear in Japanese Anime are usually passively characterized. Of course there are passionate girls that like to watch men get aroused but very rare to meet. Experience and the "Know-How" is required to be aggressive, yet many do not have that requirements at all.
The bottom line is, it's not easy to find an active, sultry girl that does everything as the King's maidservant!

④ Fuzoku makes your desire come true!


Fuzoku makes it all the more to happen. So-called Japanese Sex Massage which female serves the male as if they were a King has become a recent trend.

Male has always been dominate in Japanese AV Porn and people demanded the same in Fuzoku, but time has changed, nowadays to be served and receive massage from female is the major content in Fuzoku. When people from overseas hear "Escort Agency" the first that comes up in mind should be "dominant sex" performed by men. However, foreigners must note that vaginal prostitution is illegal in Japan. "It's not Sex Massage if you can't have sex", "How do you cum without sex?!" it's easy to imagine to hear such voices. But think about it, why is it so popular in Japan despite the fact of not getting sex... The answer to it is, Japan-Fuzoku has a secret technique that can only be experienced in Japanese Sex Massage.

For example・・・
 Well trained Japanese girl gives professional massage
 Receiving pleasure despite doing nothing as a King
 Not only massage but with a happy ending and etc...

⑤ Caution! Japanese Fuzoku are appealing but not all shops are honest, many foreigners are scammed!


If foreigners that are not used to or never used Japanese Fuzoku the rate of being scammed will rise up. And we hear many stories of failure, such as being involved in crime scene before notice

For example...

・Illegal activity; vaginal prostitution was carried out without notice, meaning breaking the law
・Pricing was extremely high just because of being a foreigner
・The service was not as expected

Such victims are increasing! This situation is too dangerous to have fun in bed!!

⑥ Leave it to us! We can solve all foreigners' worries!


Japan has been increasingly internationalized. To respond to this current status we have set a calling center for customers from overseas to assure to be entertained safe and secure in Japanese Fuzoku. Of course conversation will be held in English.

Furthermore, we have an English webpage; our service content, pricing, girls' photo and etc. are listed clearly. All photos are real. Select the girl of your taste, the fun has already begun even before the session!

And our service is observed thoroughly to the Japanese law 100%, assuring foreign customer's safety. No additional service and no extra charge. We only provide service accordingly to the Japanese law as it is listed on our webpage

⑦ So many goodies that can't be experienced at others!


As you know there are many shops providing Japanese Sex Massage. However we have specialties that only we can provide which separate from others in advantage.

First, the body contact of our Japanese Sex Massage will be more than plenty. She will be holding / touching all time. Customer will sense the warmth of masseuse even by lying down, which leads to comfort and captivate your mind.

Secondly, our most qualified girls will be in charge. Have no fear, embrace the eroticism that easily overcomes your embarrassment. When the climax approaches her addictively obsessing handjob will escort you to heaven!!

In addition, facesitting, testicle massage, prostate massage, nipple licking and more! There are so many new pleasures in Japanese Sex Massage. And of course all session will be held within our pricing list; NO EXTRA CHARGE!

With us means a journey to a new stage, it cannot be experienced with others but only with us!!

Neither are no issue; it does not matter whether you are aggressive or passive. Encounter "The New Age Japanese Sex Massage" to experience the inexperienced. It will be the key to open the secret door inside you!

For more info on【Neo Japanese Sex Massage】press here!!

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