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Shinjuku Information List

December 27, 2016Seoson's Greetings and best wishes for the New Year from JEEMC

December 24, 2016Season's Greetings and best wishes for the New Year from JEEMC

September 24, 2016Never Ever! A New Age JAPANESE SEX MASSAGE

June 22, 2016Hard-on? Go to health service in Shinjuku!

June 8, 2016Caution! Accidental firing at Kabukicho escort

June 1, 2016Turned on at deliheru in Shinjuku...

May 26, 2016Experienced sexual-feeling arousing service in Kabukicho!

May 14, 2016Erotic massage for men in Kabukicho is great!

May 7, 2016Shinokubo is the best place to get massage for men!

May 5, 2016Heavenly kaishun massage in Shinokubo

April 25, 2016Boost your sex energy in a high-class escort in Shinjuku!

April 22, 2016The best happy ending is by an out-call escort in Shinjuku

April 10, 2016Fresh tilefish in Shinjuku's out-call escort!?

April 5, 2016A man should be big and go for it.

April 1, 2016Crazy for aroma erotic massage in Shinjuku

March 28, 2016Japanese Fuzoku debut in Kabukicho

March 23, 2016Crazy about erotic massage in Nakano!!

March 18, 2016Went crazy under facesitting!!!

March 13, 2016Extremely satisfactory VFM!

March 5, 2016Enjoy an Erotic Massage in a Kyoto Love Hotel.

March 2, 2016Great Fuzoku in Kanda, Tokyo

February 22, 2016Went to heaven in Men's este in Kabukicho

February 19, 2016Fuzoku adult entertainment in Nakano was mind-blowing!

February 14, 2016Call in outcall massage in Nishishinjuku again tonight.

February 8, 2016春節:新年快楽

February 7, 2016Chinese New Year and Shinokubo

January 31, 2016Night life in Shinjuku. Especailly outcall escort is wonderful.

January 25, 2016Great delivery este in Shinjuku

January 22, 2016Japanese Fuzoku in Kanda.. Good to call!!

January 17, 2016Richer and easier than in-call escort in Kabukicho

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