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July 15, 2016

The best Sexual massage parlor is in Hamamatsu

The other day after a long stretch of binge shopping, I found myself out of energy close to Shizuoka City.  After being out all day with my friends, running here and there, I was absolutely bushed.  Maybe when I was younger I could jet around Tokyo and hardly feel it, but not now.  Not today.


I really needed to refresh, and fast.  Luckily I had heard good things about a man’s options in Hamamatsu.  Sure enough, using the absolute minimal effort on my phone, I found I was practically surrounded by options.  So many ways to enjoy being a man, and so little time.  Eventually I decided that an outcall Sexual massage parlor was probably the best way to go, that way I could be assured of a shower.  So I found a cheap hotel and arranged for a delivery.


I tried a few shops, some of them said I’d need to wait around an hour for my girl to arrive.  Fuck that.  Finally, I found a place that could get me a girl in 20 minutes.  That’s more like it!  I was actually a bit blown away with how hot she was when she showed up.  She had this sense about here right from the get-go that said SEX.  And she even offered to shower me and dry me off, just like a lover.  And her massage was so awesome and orgasmic and relaxing that I actually extended the hotel room and headed home the next day.  I’m coming back to this area, if only for seconds!


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