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Sexual Rejuvenation Massage:Testicle Massage
Four type of Massage + Erotic = Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club

She will massage you, full body with oil. She will lick your nipples, neck and be topless. You will squeeze all of the sperm completely by her service of hand with warm lotion. You don't need to worry about any diseases. It is all included within our basic service.

Magen, bitte "Stomach up, please"

Ähm, bin ich wirklich durcheinander ... Ich bekomme schwer ... "Um, I am really messed up... I got hard..."

Kein Problem. Es ist Massagesalon und Erotik Shop. Machen Sie sich deswegen keine Sorgen. "No problem. It is massage parlor and adult entertainment shop. Do not worry about it."

Nun, ich wirklich hart ... "Well, I really got hard..."

I got panicked!! My Package has been got up straightly even if use to be stomach down. Still I got a fire like open fire. This is embarrassed thing I haven't had before.

What the massage is this. I haven't imageed what kind of massage it is, but now I have got pretty sexual feelings, also still embarrassed. There is no way to be experienced this feeling including other massage parlors.

Was die laszive erotische Massage! "What the lascivious erotic massage!!"

Just I said....

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club:Ahhh .... Ich bin cuming!! "Ahhh....I'm cuming!!!!"

Oh! Ich habe nicht Ihr Paket noch berührt. "Oh! I haven't touched your package yet."

First taste of the erotic pleasure!! Our Sexual Rejuvenation Massage will add the maximum erotic on. It will be improved day by day.

Don't you think massage are same, anywhere?

Ähm ... Ich could't beenden Sie Ihre Massage. Ich meine es ernst. "Um... I could't finish your massage. I mean it."

Oh ... Ich werde wiederkommen ... und wollen den nächsten Termin machen ... "Oh... I will come again... and want to make the next appointment..."

We've improved the erotic Testicle and Lymphatic massage.
What is Erotic Sexual Rejuvenation Massage ?

Description of Erotic Sexual Rejuvenation Massage
We can give you Testicle massage and Groin Massage as the basic Rejuvenation Massage. You can be ejaculated when you feel the top of your erotic pleasure. We are new type of Erotic Sexual Rejuvenation Massage Shop ever. 

(Kommentar) (Commentary)
Our Massage is an exciting and erotic massage to add a sexual essence.

Sexual Rejuvenation Massage is for purpose of recovery of male function by Testicle massage and Groin Massage. Our Sexual Rejuvenation Massage will go with the flow of Sexual Massage.

You will be touched for your front of body and back of upper leg elaborately by Sexual Massage. But you will not be touched an erotogenic zone first.
You will be a massage without erotogenic zone like arms and legs first. After you will touch with erotogenic zone a little by little. Our girl will try to find your best erotogenic zone.

We will enhance the effect of Rejuvenation by using full of your session. You will have the best effect of Rejuvenation by Testicle massage and Groin Massage with the top of your erotic pleasure.

So our session is all included Topless, Upper-body Lip( eg. lick nipples) and Facesitting with G-string. These are not optional services. These are included in our session. We will increase your erotic pleasure by visuall. And You will squeeze all of the sperm completely by her service of hands with warm lotion. You don't have any worry about sexual diseases. Our customer said "lot more sperm than usual" " Very hard penis than the usual sex."

Find out more, glossary!!
Testicles massage?
Lymphatic massage?
Sexual massage?
Rejuvenation Massage?

* We have anther basic menu like Nipple Massage and Facesitting etc, you will enjoy.

■ More fun of Massage!
■ Need more adult entertainment.
■ No thanks for sexual diseases.
■ Beautiful woman is always a plus.
■ Want to recover the energy as a man with testicular massage

We will try to give you a satisfaction as above desire.

We are the greedy massage parlor you can enjoy Massage and Sexual Entertainment.

Here are some of our basic session. You can see their details of these.

Hip-Massage Facesitting Forced Brustwarzen lecken Lymphmassage
Nippel Massage Hoden Massage Groin Massage Hoden Massage Handjob

You will feel sexual pleasure without anything.

How to play Esthe / Comparative Chart

We,Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, is Fuzoku Esthe Shop. But a service will be different from each shop.
Hear is How to play Esthe / Comparative Chart. You will be able to find a detail of our session, Prohibited play and Price.

■ Details of Service / Comparative Chart
Girl is topless, Facesitting with G-string, aggressive sexual massage, and testicles massage. Our session will be different from general massage parlor. We stimulate your sexual pleasure by aggressive massage with visual and auditory

Session General Esthe Shop General Esthe Shop Our shop
Full Massage with oil ×
Massage with Aroma oil × ×
Sexual Massage ×
Testicle Massage ×
All Nude ×
Oral Service ×
Tormenting girl × ×
Lick upper body

△:Option Play. Some shop will offer this session.

*:Session will be depend on each shop.

Basic Menu of our shop (All menu included every session)
Legs Massage Arms Massage Neck Massage
Back Massage Hip Massage Nipple Massage
Testicle Massage Groin Massage Facesitting
Topless Upper body lip Hand Service

* Additional menu over 90 mins session.
Hand Massage Foot Massage Head Massage

Prohibited action (All session)
Girl is teased Sexual intercourse The act girl hates
* We cannot offer any above session.

「Japan Fuzoku Esthe」/ Comparative chart of price (include tax)
Shop 60 mins course Option Upper body lip Total amount
A ¥10,000 ¥2,000 ¥2,000 ¥14,000
B ¥12,000 ¥1,000 ¥2,000 ¥15,000
C ¥13,000 ¥2,000 ¥2,000 ¥17,000
Our shop ¥14,000 ¥0 ¥0 ¥14,000
Please compare our price. We are to guarantee good session and price.
Enjoy a session of Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club.
Interview / Testicle massage adult entertainment shop
I am ashamed by Etoric massage.

Interview / Testicle massage adult entertainment shop in Japan

What is Erotic massage!!
Honestly to say, I need to change the image of esthe and Massage ever I have.
I never have cum so much since I lost virgin.
I hung my head in shame when I ejaculate.
Man will not be able to take to ejaculate by Lymph and Testicle massage.
I am just a little bit wobbly.

We will be the top of erotic massage parlor in Japan like no other.
I like esthe and Sexual Massage very much.
But I felt to be lack of something. I started a shop to add and improve a massage to teach girls I worked M-Seikan shop before
We are not esthe or Massage Parlor. We want to be the perfect adult entertainment shop for erotic Person.
You will be able to be sexually fulfilled and improvement in fatigue.
Our session is like to kill two birds with one stone.

I am mess to excite by passive role only.
I know agressive role only is not for Fuzoku.
I think it is usual to passive role. Because this is Massage Parlor.
It is the luxury service, the ultimate 「S」, to be served from women by passive role.
And I like not to charge any extra. It is not unusual in Sex entertainment shop. It is like a Ramen Shop managed by ultimate master. It has only a little menu.

Some people will have a spasm of groin. I don't like a extra option. Do you feel a shame, don't you? Like topless for 1,000Yen plus... In our shop, we are massage parlor same as sex entertainment shop. So erotic service is included in all course.
You will have the ultimate experience of rejection by Testicle massage and Lymphatic massage combined in Erotic. It is really unusual experience.

We provid service that your wife or your girl friend.Can't ever give.Please enjoi.Warrning our session is adctive.

Simultaneously eliminate your libido and fatigue.

The finest macadamia nut oil

The finest macadamia nut oil

■Fragrance free oil / you will play with us confidentiality for your wife or girlfriend.

Macadamia nut oil is a fragrance-free 100% vegetable oil.
Among the vegetable oil, Macadamia nut oil is very similar to human skin fat. So it is especially good for our skin. We will prevent to remain a smell of oil in your body after our session. So we will use a fragrance free oil.

■We only use the finest quality oil for human skin.

Macadamia nut oil to apply the skin, is absorbed into the skin to penetrate and get into the the metabolic processes. It has the effect of activating the function of the skin from within. That is, vegetable oils supplement the skin to regenerate and repair the skin young again, and rejuvenate the skin's natural. Macadamia nut oil can be used as food in our 100% pure oil.

*Recently, it has been used extensively in hospitals and nursing medical field. The oil we use, is made by 100% of refining vegitable oil as edible use. It is guaranteed of high safety.

The macadamia nut oil is contained in vitamin A,B and E. In particular vitamin E has the effect of anti-aging of cells and promoting blood circulation. It is the excellent oil for the effect of healing, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

(Tips: The component of macadamia nut oil)
You know oleic acid is contained Olive oil. It will reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent atherosclerosis, heart disease and hypertension. Palmitoleic acid (the same ingredients as human skin) includes the monounsaturated fatty acids for health benefits than oleic acid. It will includes an animal fats like mink oil in rich, but not included in a general vegetable oils.
The macadamia nut oil is only included it among vegitable oils. The human skin contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. It will be reduced from the skin cells with age rapidly. It is said that Palmitoleic acid and aging are closely related. Anti-wrinkle anti-aging cosmetics on the market are blended with macadamia nut oil.

■ We use only the vegetable oil made from macadamia nuts grown in Kenya.

Many of macadamia nuts in the markets is Australian. The macadamia nuts oil made from Kenya's nuts grown up under pesticide-free, is includes more than 22% of palmitoleic acid. On the other hand, Australian's macadamia nut oils is 18%. Kenya's is outstanding to compared Australian's.

Testicle massage / What is testicle massage?
What is Erotic Testicle Massage is our original ?

Was ist Erotik Hoden Massage ist unsere original?

The original testicle massage will take care of erectile dysfunction, poor endurance, ED and interruption against urine. The testicles are usually squeezed by brief and pants, and is prone to congestion. It is said that Testicles massage will reduce as above symptoms. To continue Testicles Massage, it will be improve the function of testicular like sperm and male hormone(testosterone) will be push up.

* Our testicles massage will be improved for Erotic. It will not be true of the original effect of Testicle Massage.

To increase the effectiveness of testicle massage, you will have a massage to the whole body of one hour for relax. Our session for Erotic will be the modification of it for time limit. Please note it.

* We will have to pay high caution to touch testicles. We don't do a strong stimulate and press to testicles whatever you request it.

"Kaishun" Massage / What is "Kaishun" Massage ?
What is 'Kaishun' Massage ?

"Kaishun" means Spring comes around again with new year. Aging of mind and body will not be stopped. "Kaishun" will mean the delay to aging.

We simply define it that to regain the libido and stamina in high school days. We think two things is need it for. Session to excitement mentally and to regain a man's sexual function like young.
"Kaishun" Massage(Esthe) is said that a massage for rejuvenation and recovery of function from ancient China.

Our session will recover your man's sexual function by the regain of sexual drive to stimulate the pressure points of testicle, around testicle and prostate. It will be fixed up hormone balance. So our massage(Esthe) is popular among middle and high age man.

We think the more effect of "Kaishun" rather than original one as to add an excitement mentally.

Erotic Massage / What is Erotic Massage ?
What is Erotic Massage ?

Erotic Massage is to massage a sexual part of man to feel sexual pleasure from around gradually.(We will be using a oil at this time and use the unique method to smooth the lymph.)

Girl will touch your front of body or inside of your thighs carefully. However, she will not touch it immediately. First she will massage your arms or legs far from sexual part.

After she will touch your sexual part tantalizingly. And she will explore your sexual part watching your reaction.

We will massage you by the unique method to integrate this erotic massage, lymph massage and testicle massage. We offer the unique rejuvenation massage for man.

Nipple Massage / What is nipple massage ?
What is nipple massage ?

Just licked... Just not satisfied to be touched. We will introduce nipples massage to everyone to feel good at nipples.

Our nipples massage is not touching sexual part immediately same as the basics of Erotic massage. We will continue to massage from around.

Finally we will approach sexual parts tantalizingly. Also we use the unique oil to increase your sexual pleasure.

Testicle Massage with Handjob / What is Testicle Massage?
What is Testicle Massage?

You will be feel more sexual pleasure by our unique testicle massage with handjob.

Testes our original massage, you will be combined with further irritation Handjob. The many of man still remember the suprising amount of sperma when you lost virginity. We, Japan Erotic Massage Parlor Club is a research everyday to get the electrifying sexual pleasure in those days.

We will pursue the original efficacy of testicles massage. And You will be squeezed the sperm by pleasant handjob. Please enjoy the experience of sexual pleasure by these combination.

Lymphatic massage / What is Lymphatic massage ?
What is Lymphatic massage ?

Recently Lymphatic massage will be the beauty technology to be used the purposes of dieting women. Of cause, we are not the purpose of dieting.
Our lymphatic massage will be done as an adult entertainment. It is very different from a typical esthe shop that girl will become naked and massage all the erogenous zones of the oil.

You will feel relax by to reduce the swelling of the body and to better blood flow. It is different from a typical Lymphatic massage that Our, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Lymphatic massage will be add to Erotic massage like as tantalizingly. We will not tell you about details of our Lymphatic massage here. Please try it.

(The following is a general explanation for lymphatic massage.)
Lymphatic Massage is the treatment technologies for health and beauty to help the smooth flow of lymph fluid. It can be expected to eliminate a waste, swelling due to water and cellulite by Lymphatic massage on a daily basis. Lymphatic massage get a waste and toxins by lymph out from the body. Lymphatic massage is the method of health and beauty to help the flow of lymph. Lymph has a important effect of a poor circulation, a poor circulation and to improve immune function. But the flow fo lymph has been difficult. The purpose of Lymphatic massage is to improve the flow of lymph. A difficulty of the flow of lymph is for to lack of motion. It comes for various problems. Many of problem come to legs. Because the swelling at legs is for a pooling of waste. It doesnot get it out from blue pipe by lymph.

Hip massage / What is Hip massage ?
What is Hip massage ?

Hip Massage is popular among a worker of sitting like clerks. A work of sitting whole day will stress for Hip. You even feel a exhilaration after Hip massage.

In a sitting in the chair for long time, Hip will hold all of the weight. So the flow of blood at hip is difficult. It will be cause of the languor of the body and the swelling of the lower body.

Before the languor and the swelling will be affect the whole body, you will be better doing Hip massage periodically to prevent such problems.

Forced licking nipples / What is forced licking nipples ?
What is forced licking nipples ?

Man feels the nipple!

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club will explore every erogenous zone of the male body by the basics of Erotic Massage.

Among of them, Nipples erogenous zone will be Getting hard when excited. Some of men will feel sexual pleasure rather than woman's of it.

We, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, will massage your nipples to conduct your sexual pleasure by to touch, rub gently, licking and sucking strongly.

Licking Nipples will be more excited play in combination with other massage play.

You must not decline to lick nipples. Please enjoy our forced licking nipples.

Groin massage / What is Groin massage ?
What is Groin massage ?

Never to touch Groin, the base of the thigh, in general esthe. It is sensitive erogenous spot for man, isn't it?

In our session, girl will massage your groin politely. It has the lymph, the nerve and the path of the testis in the groin. So massage for groin is said the effect of improvement of man's sexual function and your health.

But anything else, it is too good feeling to touch groin.

We will massage at groin by Lymphatic and Erotic massage.

Facesitting / What is Facesitting ?
What is Facesitting ?

In massage or esthe, you will be passive role during session. You will mess to want touching but not to touch. It is highly exciting experience without daily life.

Our session will deliver you erotic visually by Facesitting with G-string. And you will feel the highest excitement by the smell of girls.

You will have the experience of our unique rejuvenation massage combined Testicle Massage, Lymphatic massage and Erotic massage with a little naughty play.

Prostate massage / What is Prostate massage ?

G Spot for man, is stimulated by sensitive finger technique.

We will stimulate the prostate is only men's erogenous zone and penis by finger. It will be grown Getting hard and lead to ejaculate.

Do you already experience the sexual pleasure by prostate called G Spot man ? First we say! Our prostate massage has only done by finger technique!

We will stimulate your prostate by clever finger technique from a massage parlor only.

Does it really come great feeling by prostate massage ?

Orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal. Usually women will be accompanied by a spasm of the vagina and lower extremities. Some of them will be an intense rigidity and fainting.

Usually Men's orgasm is ejaculation. It means end of orgasm. So women's orgasm is more high level rather than men's one. Because woman's orgasm has a orgasm again and again.

Dry orgasm of men is not accompanied with ejaculation. So it will come again and again like women's orgasm. Men with dry orgasm will be able to feel sexual pleasure same as women's orgasm.

Dry orgasm leads you high sexual pleasure to continue in not comparable to ejaculate. Someone will shout by high sexual pleasure. Please enjoy your session at the hotel you don't mind from others.And Sexual pleasure by dry orgasm will be endless. Don't overdo things.

Prostate is only male reproductive organs. It is below the bladder and to surround the urethra. It is same as women's skinny wire so-called G-spot. So men has high sexual pleasure to stimulate it.

■ Men want to be a orgasm again and again like a women!!

■ Men want to be climax by male reproductive organs!!

To respond such as customer voice, our girl will do prostate massage by skillful finger technique.

Men's erogenous zones are not the only penis.

Without any stimulation to the penis, it is also possible to ejaculate by stimulation for prostate only.

Men's sexual pleasure by dry orgasm so called dry will be kept like women's orgasm. It is different from sexual pleasure by ejaculation. It will be continued like as woman's orgasm.

I don't believe to ejaculate by anal stimulation!!

Many people might think it. But this approach has been used in clinic. Doctor actually makes to stimulate the patient's prostate for collecting their sperm.

Someone can't forget the experience in clinic and get it into the habit.

Thus, if you are man, it is quite wasteful not to use this erogenous zone, the prostate men only has.

But the prostate is not visibly like as a penis.

someone will feel something is wrong when finger is in the anal. Because the anal is only the organ to eject.If it can be, someone can't find his prostate out, another can't feel anything to touch it.

Technique, Knowledge and Experience. These three thing are needed for Prostate massage.

In our parlor, all girl will not allow to do Prostate massage. It is for to prevent to tear the membrana mucosa of customer.

Only girl, she has interested in prostate massage, a training it by the professional and a knowledge of it, will allow to do it for our customer.

Nur Mädchen, hat sie Interesse an Prostata-Massage, eine Schulung durch die professionelle und einem Wissen von ihm, wird es ermöglichen, sie für unsere Kunden tun. * Price of Prostate massage will be included. You don't need any extra charge for it. But it will be need it for long time. We should ask you to have over 90mins course.

* Please check who is to allow to do it on our website.

* Everyone won't be able to have dry orgasm.

* Some people won't be able to have dry orgasm. Some people will need to experience of prostate massage again and again for dry orgasm. Some people will have pain or something wrong feeling same as when you are virgin.

Licking groin / What is Licking groin ?

Our session has no oral service but girl will lick and stimulate your groin in carefully. It is included basic service. It is our specialty service.

We, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, will act up to the methods of Erotic Massage. We will touch in the genitals during last. It boosts up your sexual pleasure. You will feel the top level of sexual pleasure ever before.

Some people will shout and cramp at groin by the top level of sexual pleasure.

You will enjoy the unusual sexual pleasure by the stimulation without erogenous zone in persisting. You will have the unexpected experience within daily life.

Erotic esthe for full body and closed contact

Training for girls

We, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, will focus the training for our therapists.

We will have given enough service to match the cost and fame of Osaka Erotic esthe.

When new therapist come into our shop, she will receive New therapist course. Our therapist will train by our trainer in Professional esthe Clinic.

Our trainer

Ms. Honoka / Closed contact: She will be good for service.

Ms. Nanako / Prostate massage: She will be good at Dry Orgasms.

We will ask the trainer for Technique of esthe by Professional esthe clinic and school. So we will serve you a professional service over adult entertainment shop.

Please enjoy our session in combined Erotic Massage, Rejuvenation Massage and esthe with oil by beauty therapists. It is first service in Osaka.

We have a skill level certification exam by professional therapist.

Wir verfügen über ein Skill-Level-Zertifizierungsprüfung von professionellen Therapeuten.


Professional therapist will issue a diploma.

Our therapists will have diploma if they pass the certification exam.

Icon of professional therapists, have the Issued date and Expire date on the certificates.

We, Erotic Massage Club, will help our therapists to get a certification about esthe or Massage.

Except some certifications of massage, official certification of Aroma aesthetic massage has been issued.

Entry level of certification is not difficult. Of cause, the level of instructors have been more difficult. But they've learned something from the sessions daily. They have enough time to study during working.

We, Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, helps you not to pay for the exam of diploma fee.

Looking for Professional therapists.

Hardest part was find professionals before starting esthetic training.
We had the offer our trainers, the best therapists in Osaka.

We can't say her name. She was working as a therapist at the established esthetic shop in Osaka. After she opened the shop by herself. And now she is very popular in esthetic and teaches many people. She takes care of our trainees.

our trainer's profile

teaches takes care of our trainer.

Now, you can have her lessons for five hours twice a month.

Our therapist will come in this lesson by voluntary.

* All of our therapists will come in another lessons by the professionals.
We focus the lessons of massaging. Also we are a night entertainment shops.


Girls are available in many cities.

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